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Prom Night

By: myheart

Page 1, this is me thinking about prom night and this is NOT a true story even though i wish and hope it will be for prom is in may!!!

I stood up out of the car with my large poofy dress standing in front of the high school that was surrounded by crowds of students.  It was prom night, one of them nights that everyone wants to experiece.  It was tradition to go.  As i stepped out of the car, i regained my balance in the heels i hated wearing for i could never walk in heels but for special occassions like this i did.  I walked across the pavement to the sidewalk, as the car drove off, i met my friends standing around.  I knew i was looking for someone in particular for i always do.  For some reason my mind is was always good in finding exactly where he was at anytime but at this moment i could not, so i went inside with my friends as i stood in line.  We took a few pictures, handed them our money to get in, and walked into the gym where everyone else was.  The place was filled with people and lots of decorations.  However all i could think about really in my head was that one person who means so much to me.  I was hoping he would come but wasnt sure at the moment for unless i was mistaken i hadnt seen him there.  No matter what though i know to have faith for with him i always have had to do that because he wasnt my boyfriend but i wished so much he was because i was completely in love with him.  We all together found a table and sat down for a second and i so had to take my heels off for they were killing me and replaced them with a comfortable pair of flip flops it was a nice relief.  Then my friends went to dance as they turned on some slow dance music and i was left by myself at the moment so i went walking a little.  As i turned the corner my eyes got caught in somebody else's and obviously i knew why because i knew him in my heart quite enough to know it was him.  I instantly was overcomed with a feeling of happiness.  I went over there and told him how nice he looked with a large smile spread across my face.  He complimented on my beauty in my purple puffy prom dress full of dazzling crystals.  I replied thank you as we walked to the table that we had claimed to put our stuff on and as i sat down he held out his held and asked me to dance with him and i was surprised by it but not like i would ever turn him down for nothing.  We went through the crowd of people as he led holding my hand and then we got to the front dance floor.  I told him i couldnt dance but he didnt care so i put my arms around his neck and was comfortable surrounded in his embrace.  I felt like i was the luckiest person in the world at that time.  Then the rest of the night fell amazingly into place and came to the conclusion that they are right "whatever is meant to be, will always find a way" 

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