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The Highlight of My Summer

Short story By: Niall Anthony
Young adult

A young boy is out with his friends, playing Dodgeball and enjoying the sun until something happens that makes it a day for him to remember.

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~I can feel the sweat dripping down my face as I run to and fro in our estate's green. I am playing a game with my friends, all of them. It's a very nice afternoon in the middle of summer. We have another month to go before we will have to sit down to our first lesson of third class, all is well. The thoughts of school in the morning are not worrying us, that annoying feeling of having to do our homework is not bothering us. We are simply enjoying the sun. I am panting heavily as I run towards the ball I intend on throwing in my friend Danny's direction. I can see that he isn't looking which gives me an opportunity to send him off. The game is very intense and tiring. I throw the ball and it barely misses him, this makes me slightly angry and I bury my head in my hands. I run backwards and forwards, sideways and in all kinds of directions to avoid being hit by a red ball that's thrown from any member of the opposing team. I can hear my fellow teammates shouting all kinds of remarks.
"That's not fair!"
"Leave it, leave it!"
"Come on!"
"Out, you're out!"
But I am too focused on the game to shout anything at all. I am running out of breath. But at this point, our team is winning because we still have five people and the opposite team only has only has three. Things become even better for us when I catch a ball in both hands and a member who is standing at the sidelines runs back in. It looks as though we will leave the green later on in triumph. Suddenly, a ball is thrown past my head so quickly that I hardly see it and it flies beyond the apartment buildings that are standing behind me. I run in the ball's direction so I can find it and return to the game as soon as possible, but I cannot see the ball anywhere. It must have been thrown with a lot of strength and journeyed far beyond the green. I run to a dead end, which is between two very tall apartment buildings. I can clearly see that the red ball is right in front of me as I stand between the two buildings. But before I can run to grab it, something stops me. A man lands with his face smashing the pavement right in front of me. I am too shocked to make any kind of noise. He must have fallen from the roof of one of the apartments. I walk towards him and realise that he is not breathing anymore and as soon as I notice the blood that begins to pour from his forehead and flood the ground around me I scream out loud and run back to my friends.
That was the highlight of my summer holidays, but not in a good way.


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