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This story is about a romantic finding. In this story there are two main characters, but there are four more minor characters without them this wouldn't make sense! It all is in school! There is recess and lunch so its not high school/college setting! This is based on a true story, after you read it though you wont think it is!

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The Story?!?!

One day I,Noelle,was with my friend, Avery. We were at school. We met this girl named, Avalon. Avalon was weird,funny and nice, like us! We hung out with her a bit but, by next year we were the three musketeers! One day Avalon introduced us to, Darryl ! Darryl was nice weird and funny ,all we were looking for in a friend! We hung with him a bit, but not much. By the 4th year Darryl introduced us to Conrad. Conrad was all of the above, you know! By the 5th year we all hung out as a group! Avalon also introduced us to, Heather , of course she was nice but instead of weird she was quiet and shy. But once you get to know her shes the nicest and funniest person! Then Heather was apart of our group! Then towards the end of the year I noticed Darryl and I had alot in common! And I was starting to like him a little! Then during the summer, I couldn't resist I had to tell someone! So I told my BFF, Avery! Avery was a bit shocked, but then she followed up with, she likes him too! My best friend and I liked the same guy! The 6th year began! My feelings grew so strong that I told Avalon! Avalon is kind of a "gossip girl"! But I couldn't hold it in, so I had to tell her! No one was left except Heather and we barley knew eachother! And I wouldn't dare to tell Conrad! So I had and ongoing thought in my mind, I had to tell, DARRYL! I told Avery that I didn't like Darryl anymore( just to see what she would say)! Then she said she didn't like him anymore either! But after like a week I told her I still liked him. Then school was back. And I saw Darryl again. I tried catching signs that he liked me. Sign: I told my friends I wasn't going to be there the rest of the week(it was wednsday). I didnt get to say goodbye to Darryl, so I told Avery to tell him I said, "Bye." After school he goes to an after school program(Anaheim Achives), so i was thinking of telling him there! Before I said anything to Avery she said Darryl yelled, "BYE!" To ME! He got in trouble, but he didn't care. Sign: I caught him staring at me a bunch of times in class! I tried not to look straight into his beautiful eyes. There are a few other signs, but I don't want to mention them. Anyway I was thinking of telling him. And the game was set! All things would happen in 4 weeks! It started one Monday, I told him I found out a girl liked him! Of course he wanted to know! But I told him I wouldn't tell him till Friday! On Wednsday I told him if he was desperate I would tell him at the end of the day on Wednsday. But of course I wasn't actually going to tell him! I was just wanting to tease him, because it was fun! Anyway I talked to him at Anaheim Achieves and I signaled Avery to come when I was about to tell him, so she would pull me out of the situation, it worked but the next day he was like why didn't you just tell me, that was difficult! But then he asked if I would tell him then. I was like I'll tell you tommorrow, he was like fine. Friday was here! I told him I would tell him at the end of the day! Avery was beside me the whole time! I was trying to stall, like talking about my brother and how he was weird and stuff. But then I was like the girl is.... before i say who it is promise me you won't act akward around her! He said ok now tell me! Then I said it is.....(deep breathes in between) IT'S ME! Then Avery and I ran away! Good thing my brother and his friend picked us up, or else my mom would be suspicious and stuff. Anyway when Avery and I got home, we sat down and I was freaking out! Avery was looking back when we were running, she said his face was like, :0 ! I was like, what does this mean!!! I had all weekend to think about all of it! Then Monday came! I was hoping it wasn't going to akward! 1st recess was kind of akward :/ ! 2nd recess came (lunch/recess). Heather walked me over to a corner where we put our lunch boxes down. Avery came over and was like stay here, then she walked to Conrad(10 steps away!). But then I followed, And I heard Avery say to Conrad, "I'll give you all this stuff, to tell me the secret!" I was like, " What secret?!?!" Then Avery was like I don't even know! Then I turned to Conrad he was like, "Darryl was going to tell you!" I was like, to Darryl, tell me (x10)! Then Darryl took me to a corner(5 steps away!). Then he said, " I LIKE YOU TOO!" Butterflies filled my stomach! Then he was like are we still friends... I was like yeah or else! But then he follwed up with, or are WE MORE THAN FRIENDS! I was like, " I don't know"! Then I ran to Avery and told here she wanted to know what I said! But then I was sick the rest of the week(CURSES)! The 4th week i said, " YES!" Now were dating! And its not akward!

So what I say is, "Express yourself!" You'll never know what will happen next!

~By the way, the names are fake!


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