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Losing a friend

Short story By: panpeter
Young adult

These girls have been friends from they were babies but when they began to grow and a lot started to change.....

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Dameka and I were friends for as long as I can remember but ever since puberty kicked in she became a fucking bitch.It's funny how noble,innocent people can become victims of life so easily.I knew my friend until the day she uttered those horrible words from her pure mouth that I wish I could forget.I knew she was innocent but my actions proved me wrong for instead of comforting her I pushed her away.

On the day of our Primary school graduation she came to me with tears in her eyes,terrified,she looked so scared that even I began to panic. "What is wrong?"I asked with a pause and then continued,"Meka talk to me please!" "Kera please promise me that you'll keep this as a secret between us and tell no one!" "But I......"I began to say then she started to scream. "Fucking promise me bitch,Promise me,please I beg you!"She said and fell right into my arms and then burst into tears.I felt that moment with my entire heart and soul that I began to cry as well. "Ok,It's ok,I promise,now what is it?" I inquired not knowing that what I was about to hear would change everything.

"A few weeks ago Nick and I fucked and ever since then I haven't seen my period so I went to the doctor...."She said between sobs then continued,"The doctor said that I am pregnant kera,I am going to have a baby!"I stopped right there and then,tears began to run like a river being chased by thirsty people down my rosy cheeks,I stopped breathing,my entire body collapsed but I found the strength to push that fucking slut out of my hand and ran away in tears. Days passed and I still couldn't believe what I'd been told.How can this be? This can't be real,this can't be!

Weeks began to pass and I was still in shock and deep pain,my sister,my love,my best friend,my good friend,my only friend betrayed our promise,betrayed me how could i live with such horrible thing? I must tell someone and I must do it fast! With that said it had to be done so I ran straight to her mother's house and banged the door like i was about to fucking die.An woman with her face filled with wrinkles that told a story of a woman who tried her best with her child and wanted her to live a life nothing like the one she lived,stood infront of me with my hand held up about to knock her face as the door.

I flung my hand to the side and began to speak as fast as I could. "Dameka is pregnant and the baby belongs to Nick and I don't know what they are about to do so hurry,I think she is at his house,hurry,run with the wind bitch!"I screamed and ran off as fast as I could,I could not stand there and wait to hear what she was about to say,it was too much.Months pass and I still haven't heard from dameka or her mother until one day Dameka came to me while i was reading "Murder she wrote" in my front yard. "How could you! How could you do this to me when you promised not to tell anyone,I trusted you kera,really I did but that just proved how stupid I am for trusting a backstabbing whore like you! "oh,"I said in great disbelief,"so I am the backstabbing whore? Fuck you,if only you had kept your fucking legs closed you wouldn't be in this fucking situation,come on let"s be real you are fucking 13 years old in a 50 year old body with a baby and a worn out pussy,now nobody wants you and you are all alone because I do not want to be your friend anymore!"I screamed then stormed inside and came out back with a box with her things that she gave me inside and began to scream again while throwing them at her in tears. "You fucking backstabbing slut,I trusted you,we made a promise never to have sex until we marry but you couldn't wait,now look what you have done,get the fuck out of my home,I never want to see your disgraceful face again,GET OUT!"

Dameka turned and walk away with her face covered in tears,I fell to the ground and started to cry harder for I knew that I would never see her again,there and then I knew I lost a friend.


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