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I Wish This NEVER Happened

Short story By: Penelope Garenther
Young adult

Tags: Rape

My friend was raped and it gave me the motivation to write this. Most of this was what happened to her, but she is much younger.

Submitted:Aug 30, 2008    Reads: 526    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

I've always hated being alone, especially at night in New York City. It was autumn and was cold enough to wear a jacket in the frosty night air, I just got off from working at the newspaper house and was ready to crawl into my bed and sleep. The apartment I shared with Heidi was three maybe four blocks from where I worked and I hated walking that distance at any time of day, God at times like these I wish I had a car. I heard footsteps behind me, but each time I turned my head to see who was behind me, showed an empty sidewalk with the dim street lamp revealing the scene. I quickened my space, ever going faster when I heard the footsteps. Though each time I hurried my feet, the footsteps made his or hers faster. I broke out into a run, damn! I wish I had ran track during high school or maybe even college. Somebody or something grabbed me and pushed onto the ground, I shifted and threw my arms and legs in every direction trying to hit my capturer. I screamed as loud as my lungs would let me, but a smooth hand muffled my scream.

"SHUT UP!" I heard a male's voice hiss into my ear. "Now don't move or I'm sticking you with a niece piece of shining metal." I pushed down the lump that was in my throat and layed on the ground motionless with my chest heaving up and down.
The man moved my arms above my head and sat on me with both legs on either side of my body. "We can do this here or we can find a place a little more ... comfortable." I could see the smile on his face from the dim light coming off the rather distant lamp post. I looked up at him with fearful brown eyes, "Oh, you want me to let go of your mouth?" I shook my head frantically. "Okay, but you can't scream, or I swear you'll regret it." I shook my head more fearful this time. Slowly he moved his hand from my lips, "GET OFF OF ME!" He slapped his hand onto my face and covered my mouth once more, "I told you." He gritted through his teeth. "I just made up your mind." I shrunk into the ground, "we're going to my place." His laugh sent shivers down my spine.

He grabbed my mouth and with the other hand around my waist pushing me forward. His apartment wasn't too far away, but far enough for my thoughts to spin out of control. What is going to happen to me?! Why did it have to be me? And this is the reason why I hate/despise men like him. Pigs that's what they are. I was pushed on his bed and told not to move as soon as he turned around I bolted for the door, he grabbed me by my black hair and pushed me onto the navy dark blue bed.

"I told you to stay! Now your going to have to enjoy this or my little friend is going to slice into that pretty tanned skin of yours" He showed me the knife which layed in the palm of his pale hand. He let it drop onto the bed stand and turned on the lamp. Light illuminated the dark room and I finally was able to see my captor's face, he was white with green eyes and black hair falling down his eyes, I couldn't help but find him fairly attractive. He noticed my look and grinned and began to kiss my lips, I shoved him off.

"I said get off!" His hand came at me and slapped me hard against the cheek.

"Now bitch listen. Your going to enjoy this and kiss me back when I kiss you, ye hear?" I wish I didn't hear anything nor was here.

His lips came back down touching mine. Shoving his tongue between my lips I manuevered my tongue to kiss him back, the tears in my eyes threatened to fall down, but I couldn't. I didn't want to be hit again. He started to grind on top of me making me stop.

"Why'd you stop?" I heard his voice angry. All I could do is look up and beg with my eyes, I saw how his eyebrows began to knit together with anger. I couldn't make him mad! I grabbed hold of his head and lowered his neck to my lips. This was all I could do for him not to kill me. I bit into his neck softly, nibbling at it don't cry Megan, don't cry. I sucked at it and felt him go hard. I moved back to his lips and kissed them again why couldn't he just stab me already? I would've been alot happier with dying than pretending I like this. He used the knife to cut my shirt open and slide the fabric down my arms.

"Stop! Please." I begged as I let my tears roll down my cheeks, he put the knife to my neck jerking my head to stare at the ceiling.

"Enjoy it." He hissed louder and cut my bra in half. He moved his body and began kissing my breasts. As he kissed one he rubbed the other making it hard, he had his body in a postion to prevent me from moving my legs or arms which made it difficult. He kissed and licked down my stomach he used his fingers to open my pants. He did this in such a quick procedure that my pants were ripped off faster than I could count to three. My panties came off slower, but I could feel the lust and greed in his fingers and watched how his eyes became inpatient. He kissed around my vagina and stuck his tongue inside of me. His teeth gently nibbled my clit, I couldn't help but find pleasure in this. Megan! What are you thinking?! You are being raped for pete sakes! My mind snapped back into the mode of not wanting and only wishing this never happened. I felt two fingures shove up my vagina and my body acting surprised. I could feel myself cumming from the jerking motion he made with his fingers in me.

"Un-dress me"


"Un-dress me slut!" I felt his hand wrap around my wrist and put it where his bulge was. The tears fell faster down my facing staining it with streaks of where the tears raced down, I un-zipped his pants and pulled them down, I felt awkward being naked and being forced to pull down a man's pants. I'm still a virgin, never had sex and never done anything with a man much-less kiss. I didn't dare take off his boxers, but instead moved to his shirt, I was pushed onto the bed with my feet dangling off the side. I could see his penis and saw its size,

"Suck it."

"Fuck you! No!"

He squeezed the sides of my cheeks causing me to open my mouth he slid his penis in and moved up and down. After a minute of putting up with the taste of penis in my mouth I bit down hard and heard him yelp. I got up as he caressed his man-hood.

"Your going to get it now!"

I was pushed to the floor and had my hands tied to the one of the bed's feet. I jerked my body up and down as he put his penis onto my stomach and kissed my lips, he bit my neck and sucked and nibbled at my ear. I felt his hand massage my vagina and suddenly I felt something big and round shoot up into it. I grunted in pain and tears flowed down harder I could hear his chuckle sick and twisted ring through my ears. He pumped in and out of me moving faster and harder I dug my nails into the white on his shoulders and arms skin hoping to make him bleed, but it only turned him on even more. Hours passed like this, him moving me from the floor to pushing me up against the wall and back onto the bed. I couldn't take it anymore, my mind and physically I couldn't. I begged him to stop, but he only went on harder. My innocence is gone. My dignity went along with it too. I wish he would stop, I was hurting more than anything. He finally he stopped, but layed on top of me so I wouldn't move. He chuckled,

"I sure liked that. Didn't you?" I spat in his face with anger.

"You've done it now!" I felt the menace in his voice.

He pushed himself deeper into me and pumped himself in and out of me harder and harder full of anger. An hour I went through this with his hand muffling my screams.

"Please let me go, please" I bawled, finally giving up.

"Fine. Don't say anything to anybody. I know where you live." I winced. I was given clothes and ran out of the room and his presence, I ran all the way back to my apartment. Everything throbbing with pain. I barely could open the door when Heidi flew it open and found me on the floor laying there. Days passed by and told her what had happened and she decided we were going to move far away.

We've moved away to Colorado where it was nice and green and where I could raise a child. A child with white skin and green eyes, some of the same features of the man who raped me that one night long ago. I pray day and night for my little boy not to become what his "father" is.


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