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The Girl Who Wished For What She Didnt Know - part 1

Short story By: poet 3
Young adult

this is a story about a girl whos family was in a car accident...so far, im making it up as i go along, so im not sure about the rest of it, yet... but hey tell me what you think so far!!!! this is only page one! i would love to hear your comments!!!

bold lettering = emilys thinking in the past
italiscized lettering = memories of conversations
regular lettering = what is happening now
bold italiscized = what emily is thinking at the time

Submitted:Jun 12, 2007    Reads: 203    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

You know, life is dull at times and life is great at times ... Adults dont know anything do they? apparently not, maybe they should try being a teenager in this day and age. dont they know what it's like to feel this way? Of course they dont stupid, your the worst sister a girl could ask for... I hate her! She doesn't get that she is the�worst sister in the world. Why do you have to act like this? Your the reason mom and dad are splitting up...�She doesnt know what she's saying, its not my fault.�No, it's not your fault sis, she doesnt want to admit that its dads fault. She just just needs someone to blame... I know brother, but why does she blame me?��Your the easiest to blame, just get in the car Em, we have to go before dad gets home...

"Wake up emily" a voice whispered faintly, as from a distance.

"huh, why?" Emily replied groggily.

"the doctor wnats to see how your doing." the nurse said gently as she sat emily up in the bed. The pain that shot through emily's ribs was unbearable as she struggled to sit up.

'i cant...I cant sit up...it hurts." emily managed to whisper through clenched teeth. The nurse layed her back down and fluffed her pillows untill the doctor came in. Where is my mom and sister? Where is my big brother?� Stop thinking about that, do you want to cry in front of the doctor again? get your mind off the accident and think about david.

"doctor, how is my brother?" emily asked quietly.

"he is just fine, he is still unconsious, but he should wake up soon." the doctor replied.

"Are you sure? I mean, he will wake up, wont he?" she prodded.

"There is a chance that he wont, but that chance is very slim." the doctor said gently. He will, but mom and lizzy wont. Why do they have to be dead? Why couldnt I be the one to die? why couldnt i have died and they lived, and why does brother have to be hurt? It is all my fault...


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