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Going to a concert with your best friend, best time ever right?

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Hi, I'm Katilynn Baker, but you can call me Katie. No, I'm not famous, nor in this story do I become famous. This is actually a story about my best friend, Lucy Carter. We call her Lucky Lucy for a reason and this story only supports that nickname.

It was a boring Thursday night, when the idea came to us. Lucy and I were just hanging out at her place. I shouldn't call it a place, its more of a mansion. It had big black iron gates to let you into the driveway, which took five minutes to drive up, to get to the big white victorian style house. The black iron porch columns, and railings just made the gates no longer look out of place.

So let's revise that, Lucy and I were just hanging out at her mansion. I was sitting cross-legged on her big canopy bed, looking around her walls at all the photos of us doing something crazy. We had everything on those walls. The nights we snuck out to beach bonfires, all the times we wrecked a form of transportation and even a picture from the time we got lost in a mall in New York. That was probably the last crazy thing we did.

Lucy and I do some pretty stupid things, but its all in the name of fun. I lean back and look up at the poster hanging above me. It was of Fringe, the best, most attractive boy band there is in the world. Fringe was composed of four young, attractive, british males. They had everything going for them: the looks, the talent and of course the fans. Girls all over the world were fawning over the boys, including us. Although we have never seen them in concert, at least not until that next Friday.

That sad little Thursday night I piped up and said we hadn't done anything crazy yet this summer and I suggested we go to their concert in Santa Barbara. Lucy gives an excited mumbled agreement, when I appear at the bathroom door as she is brushing her teeth. She spits, then begins the whole fangirl rant you would expect from any teen girl. With us being 17 you would think we would be more mature, but when it comes to boy bands, nobody is mature. She gives the whole "They are so cute! What if we meet them? What if they fall in love with me?" little rant. I stand there mocking her rant, it being the same one she gives about them every time their name is mentioned. She throws a pillow over her shoulder without looking, knowing I am mocking her. I giggle, because she missed by a long shot. I continued mocking, but wasn't paying enough attention to her, because she whipped around and chucked her big square pillow at me. Man, that hurt. Lucy is a pitcher for softball and although she threw a pillow, she threw it hard and it hurt. With the throw of the pillow her fangirl rant was done, then she started her motherly rant. "Where is it? How will we get the money? How do we tell our parents?" Lucy has always been a logical thinker, that's why we work. I give the ideas, but Lucy finds the plan.

"They are having a concert in the Santa Barbara Bowl. Thats like twenty minutes from here. It's a free concert, we will just have to pay for the backstage passes." I smirk knowing I won this battle. Lucy glares at me, but begins to smile knowing she wants to go as bad as I do. We decide the sooner we get the passes the better. I meander over to the laptop resting on her desk and google the concert. It was a breeze to find a pair of passes, order them and make sure that they would be here tomorrow. Now all that is left to do is wait, oh and tell our parents.

Telling our parents about things with very little notice is like a death wish. We both step down the stairs very gently hoping Lucy's mom won't hear us from the laundry room, but her supersonic hearing is a good thing for her to have with a daughter like Lucy and especially when Lucy has friends like me. "What are you going to ask him?" Mrs. Carter hollers from the door of the laundry room at the top of the stairs. "Nothing mom. It is more of a quick survey question." Lucy says with ease. Lying comes naturally to Lucy, along with looking innocent almost everytime she is in trouble. The only problem, is her mother is a very good lie detector. "Lucille Elora Carter." Lucy cringes at the use of her full name and she gives up the charade. "We want to go to the Fringe concert next Friday at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It's free and we got VIP passes for the price of a normal ticket, and please mom it is super important for me to go. This is a life-changing experience!" Little did Lucy know, it would really be.

Eventually our persistence came in handy and the night before the concert, we got permission from both sets of parentals. The excitement could not be contained that whole day, we walked as if in a daze all through school. Immediately following our last class, we met up in the hallway and went over to Lucy's mansion to get ready for the concert. We know shorts skirts and skimpy bikini tops will not fly, so we throw on our Fringe groupie t shirts, that we customised. We bleached our names onto the plain black and cut the bottom of the shirt off, so it is now a belly shirt. That way when we wore them, you could see our belly button piercings that we got done two summers ago. With the addition of our short black shorts, some majorly cute gladiator sandals, we went downstairs and out the doors to Lucy's Chevy Cruze and speed off down the drive.

We slowly get closer and closer, but get stuck in traffic about five minutes out, I point out a parking garage about a minute away and we get close and cut over the median to pull into it. There was a spot open on about the 2nd floor, we park and jump out. Then we begin the mad dash downstairs and out the gate of the garage. We probably looked crazy running down the street, but it got us to the gates quickly and we got in almost immediately, because of the VIP passes. Lucy and I were then escorted up the front floor section. It was so close we could probably reach out and touch them. The concert flew by, almost as fast as the cars go by on a freeway, but it was the greatest thing ever. We probably sang along to every song like a bunch of groupies, but it wasn't the concert that made this life-changing. It's the events that followed after.

Lucy and I were making our way down the VIP isle section with us being the last ones to be allowed backstage. Before we got on the stairs, some guy came and pushed Lucy, we thought on purpose, off the stairs to backstage as if he was in some sort of hurry. Lucy had the look on her face as if she was gonna punch someone as she got up off the ground. I kept my eye on the guy and when I began to lose sight of him, I followed with Lucy not far behind. It was a maze back here, we almost lost him a few times, but when he ducked into a room we didn't hesitate to swing open the door and confront him, but there was quite a surprise behind that door.

We open the door and the sound of it banging the wall echoed through the silence of the fairly large room. There in the middle of the room directly facing us was a group of big living room style chairs, each one of them holding a boy, most of whom were Fringe, but there was five of them and it was pretty easy to pick out which one was not the member of Fringe. He just happened to be the one we were after. Lucy stormed right up to the boy who had knocked her down and stood waiting. He looked at her confused and decided his look was not getting him the information he needed. "What do you need miss?" He asked very politely, in my opinion he was trying to suck up.

"I need an apology, sir." Lucy said dripping in sarcasm and disdain.

"What for? I have never met you in my life."

Then Lucy lost her cool, which doesn't take much, but you should run for your life when she loses it. "You shoved me off the stairs in your mad dash to get back here! I was clearly in front of you, but you think it's okay to shove girls off of stairs? Ugh." Lucy stomped very quickly out the door, clearly embarrassed about her little scene. I turned to follow her, but not before Mr. LadyKiller opened his big mouth. "What does it matter to her anyways? You two a just groupies, therefore nobody important."

"Excuse me?"

"I know you heard me, so don't even act like you didn't, groupie."

"We aren't important? Without us and all the other 'groupies'," I said shaking with anger at the term, "Fringe would not be where they are today. They would be a bunch of guys, beating on instruments in a garage. They would have no music career, no fame, fortune or any luxury they have now. So before you diss us, think of how this could affect them and you. Even though I am not sure who you are, you must be somehow related to this production, therefore losing followers affects you too." I begin to walk away, trying to look calm and collected, but screaming silently on the inside. I think of one last point to drive it home and turn back to stare at him directly, "Oh, and by the way, we prefer the term 'fans'." and with that I exited.

When I stepped into the hall it was eerily silent. I look around for Lucy, but she is nowhere in sight. When wandering down the back side of the stage, I hear a loud bang and decide to follow it, because for all I know it's Lucy getting pushed off of more stairs. I find the source of the noise, but it is not at all what I would expect to find. I find Lucy getting pretty close with the guy that pushed her off the stairs. Her back is up against the wall and he has his hands on both sides, like you see in the movies. She is giggling and flirting very obviously. I cough in that, excuse me way and both of their eyes dart up at me. He pushes off the wall and both of them straighten themselves up. Lucy stutters random words trying to think of what to say and what she does say is quite surprising.

"Um, Kait. This is Andy Dutton."

"Dutton as in Alex Dutton, lead singer of Fringe?"
"Yes, this is his younger brother."

I stand silently, letting the fact sink in that Lucy was most likely just making out with this Dutton kid, whom I just screamed at, because he pushed her off stairs. Lucy and Andy feeling the uncomfortable silence, decided to speak up.

"Kait, he apologized and I think he's really cute and funny, do you not agree?"

"I will give you that he is cute, but he pushed you off of stairs and you threw a big hissy fit over it!" I said starting to lose my temper.

"I actually pushed her off the stairs unintentionally, because I was more intending on pushing her shoulder to get her attention." Andy stuttered out, scared I would go on another rampage. The air that held the silence became even heavier with the confessions. I grabbed Lucy's arm and walked her out. We left the Bowl and I was still tugging her along the street all the way to the parking garage. She goes to get into the driver seat, but I grab her shoulders and move her to the passenger side. She looks at me and pouts, but I ignore her. I drive us back to her place, park the car, grab my purse and head straight for my car. Lucy hollars something, but I don't catch it, I am to busy getting into my car and away from this girl who has destroyed everything I knew about her, or at least thought I knew.


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