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Short story By: Pratibha
Young adult

Hi Everyone. Here I am with a short story based on MA's challenge. The title was "WHERE DID I SEE GOD TODAY?" and the word limit was 1800.The story completed with 1893 words excluding what happened after 10years (Addendum).





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Where did I see GOD today?
Divya, Ayush, Natasha, Vaibhav, Nikhil and Shatabdi were best friends. They all studied in Class 9th. They were always spotted together, giggling, chatting, doing all sorts of mischief and they were just like any normal teenagers growing up together in a small town in Maharashtra, India.
After dinner, they used to meet every day around 9.00pm near the banks of the river flowing next to Vaibhav's home.
One day when they all met there, Vaibhav said, "Today I have a topic for discussion."
"Hey, there he goes again...no studies today please...spare me..." Nikhil said and rolled his eyes towards sky. All of them started laughing.
"No! Buddy, chill. I was only asking to discuss something really interesting. The other day I saw Shatabdi's Mama returning from temple and I had this feeling that did GOD live only in Temples, Church, and Mosque etc...? I thought HE was everywhere, in you, in me, in air, in water, in all elements of nature and in all human beings."
Vaibhav searched for signs of approval on his friends' faces.
All of them were listening to him attentively.
"What? Do I look like a monkey? Why am I being stared at?"
"Nope, it's not that. You are so young but you think so deeply over issues we take for granted." Divya spoke softly
"Okay, buddy, Can you tell where you saw GOD today?" volunteered the cheerful and naughty Shatabdi.
"Hmmm.....Let me start first." Said Vaibhav, "the thought of GOD existing outside temple/church/mosque came to my mind each and every moment I saw my parents working hard for me. They work so hard to provide me good food, education and shelter that they forget what they need. For me, they are my GOD and will always be. Like the saying in Sanskrit I would never be able to repay their love in 7 re-births. I pray to Almighty to give me the strength to support them in their old age. That's all." Tears started rolling down his cheeks.
"It's okay, let these pure tears flow buddy. Don't feel ashamed. You are right. See all of us have tears in our eyes. It's okay." Divya said and kept her hands on his shoulders.
"Now, my turn. Well, I see GOD in the face of a child. Wow, they are so innocent. And GOD resides in their pure and flawless soul is what I believe. I may be wrong. But every morning when I see my baby sister smiling at me, I feel as if GOD is smiling at me. Initially when she came home, I used to hate her because she was the center of attraction all the time, but now I love her and care for her more than myself. Boy, I sounded so mean when I admitted that I hated her." Natasha said and cuddled near Ayush.
Ayush hugged her and said, "Nope, you did not sound mean. You sounded honest and that is why I love you...I mean we all love you."
Everyone started laughing at Ayush's blushing face.
"Okay, okay, enough of making fool of me. Let me see where did I see GOD today? Let me tell you all a truth today. A truth I had always hidden in my heart always and I think I should confess today." Ayush sighed.
"Are you alright?" Natasha looked worried.
"I am okay honey. It's just that I am scared that you will refuse my proposal to marry me. For me, my love for you is like praying to GOD. I am sure GOD will acknowledge this pure love. I have nothing else to give you except love and honesty. But you see, I belong to a poor family and you are so rich. I can never be so selfish to drag you out of the comfort you are used to and throw you in poverty just because 'I love you.' And so I will try hard to get into a professional course and earn lots of money to give you the life you are used to. If I would be successful, I would approach your parents. If not, I will never trouble you. I am sorry that I said it all in front of everybody. I am sorry, Natasha."
Natasha said nothing and only hugged him tight.
"I will wait for you forever because I know you will succeed." She said.
Everyone clapped happily and cheered them.
"Congratulations and Celebrations," said Shatabdi and started teasing the love birds.
"Okay, okay, everybody, please be quiet. Now, it's my turn," said Nikhil, "I hope all of you won't laugh when I will say that I see GOD in a beggar who comes to our home every morning and I always give her a sandwich when Mom is not looking. Please keep this a secret." Nikhil hushed.
"Don't worry sweetheart, we will." Divya said.
"I will tell you the story of this beggar. This old lady's husband was a rich businessman and they lived 3 blocks away from ours. They had 2 sons and were a happy family. Last year the husband died of heart attack but according to his will, his wife got all the property. This made the sons angry and they took the signature of their mother, an innocent angel, over new will. She never suspected their ulterior motives. Which mother will? And once they acquired the property, they shared it between them and kicked the mother out. This is the story I heard from our neighbour Khanna uncle. I felt so sad for her. I had once met her near garbage can where she was picking up something to eat. I decided to ask her to come to my house every morning and I would share with her my breakfast. My Mom is happy that my appetite has increased. " Nikhil chuckled and all of them hugged him so tight that he was almost breathless...
"Okay Okay...OKAY...I am glad you all did not make fun of me," he said.
"Make fun of you?? Are we mad or something? You are doing something; we never thought we will ever do. Your parents don't know how lucky they are to have a sensitive son like you," Vaibhav said, "And you made all of us proud."
"Now, it's your turn Shatabdi," Natasha poked her.
Shatabdi's facial expressions changed and anger was written all over her face now...
"You know, Jimmy, that street dog who used to come to my home every night for leftover food, died today morning. And you know why? Yesterday night, the notorious gang of kids from the posh colony tied a bunch of crackers to his tail while he was sleeping and lighted it. When Jimmy realised that, he started running frantically and burnt himself up completely. It all happened in the night and so I could do nothing to save poor thing. My Jimmy is no more. What did he do to deserve this? Why they did this to the poor animal? Could not they see that he is also a form of GOD? I am not able to forget him. But I am going to lodge a complaint with the board of directors of their Apartments. I would not sit quietly till those kids get punished. Jimmy was not rabid and they had no rights to kill any animal for their fun." She said seething with anger and tear filled eyes.
"We all will accompany you. It is our battle now," Ayush said in a strong voice.
"Thanks a lot folks. Mom and Dad have given their consent as long as long I don't neglect my studies, which I would not. So shall we start from tomorrow?"
"YEAH!" all of them shouted in unison except Divya.
All eyes turned towards her. She was staring at the twinkling stars.
"It's okay Divya, if you don't want to come." Nikhil said.
"Did u say something to me? Sorry, I was not listening."
Suddenly tears started rolling down her cheeks like pearls. Everyone was startled. What happened suddenly?
"All of you would not believe if I would say that I had a baby sister who was born last year." She almost choked when she said this.
Everyone was shocked. Divya had a baby sister. Where is she now? What happened to her? Is that the reason her mother was away for a long time and Divya had told them that her grandpa was sick and so Mom had gone to take care of him in the village. She lied. Why?
"My mother got pregnant accidentally and she did not want the child and so she left for Grandpa's home. But Granny convinced her to have the baby. Mom came back but she was never happy. I heard her saying to Papa one day that she hated this child since having another kid would mean she would miss her promotion. I was asked strictly not to tell anyone regarding this. And 4 months before delivery, Mom got the permission to do her work from home and left for Granny's place. With passage of time, I grew anxious and started collecting toys for the kid. I was so excited. Finally the day arrived when Mom delivered a baby sister. I was sure that her angelic face would take away all tensions. But alas!" She started sobbing uncontrollably.
"Hey! What happened? Divya? Divya? Are u alright?" Natasha hugged her tight and all of them did not know what to say and how to react. They were dumbstruck.
"She was diagnosed to have Down's syndrome. And that's it. Mom just dumped her in the special kids' boarding school and returned back. I was told to zip my lips forever. How could I? All of you tell me, how can I forget the cute smiling face on my baby sister's face begging for comfort, love and care?"
"My mother did it and did not even pause to think. Sorry about that guys. Let's go. It is getting late. Mom would start shouting now." She rose and started walking slowly towards her home.
"Wait for me, Divya. I will come with you. Okay bye guys, see you all tomorrow in school. I need to be with her." Shatabdi said in a hurry and ran to catch up with her friend.
All of them sat in silence for a while and then decided to go home. All of them were sad because they could do nothing to help the old lady who was thrown out by her own sons, Jimmy who was burnt so mercilessly and then the final blow was Divya's sister.
"GOD must be watching all this from heaven and would have planned proper punishment for these people." Natasha said and started sobbing quietly.
Everyone was overwhelmed with emotions.
"Let us take a vow that we would never sell ourselves, our morals and our values whatever happens. Are you guys with me?" Vaibhav said in a strong voice.
"YEAH!" all of them agreed unanimously.
The Future:
10 years after:
Vaibhav, a qualified computer engineer, working and settled in US with his parents, wife and son.
Divya and Ayush entered Medical field.
Divya specialised in Physical and Mental rehabilitation and married a fellow doctor in the same field. She brought her sister back to her own home against her parents' protest. Her husband supported her decision.
Ayush became very successful in his chosen career in Clinical Haematology. He married Natasha who had by then obtained her degree in Interior decoration. Natasha delivered a sweet baby boy last year and they were very happy with each other.
Nikhil joined his father's business and settled in Mumbai, capital city of Maharashtra. His parents lived with him. He took the old lady to an old age home where he supported her stay till she died 2 years back.
Shatabdi managed a voluntary organisation for the care of street animals. She settled in the same town.
The End


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