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The girl who came to know.....

Short story By: rajivenkat98
Young adult

A girl of fourteen discovers her true self and comes to know what she really loves to do.

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She was frustrated. She did not want to study in that school any more. All that she wanted to do was to get a scholarship and go to some other country and complete her education peacefully and silently, without anyone knowing about it. She wanted to dance, dance, and dance until her last breath was pushed away from her lungs. Raaji was a fourteen year old girl, with jet black curly hair and small intelligent brown eyes, like any other girl.But she was different from every girl in the class: all the other girls either talked about boys, or makeup, or accessories and dresses. All that she talked about was music, books and other things the girls in her class called "nerdy and boyish".They pulled pranks on her, teased her, talked in hushed voices about her and 'compared' her with other boys in the class. She did have friends, but very little, just the "hi - bye" type. She wasn't really close with anybody, except her mother. But hey, she was a girl who would call 'a spade a spade'. But she was mediocre: she didn't know about everything the boys would would always talk about, like football, english songs, etc. All that she knew about was sharks, fashion designing, other "weird things" (which of course, Raaji found amusing) like crime solving, etc and of couse, her favorite thing about she knew than most of the others in her age group: dance. "Hey Raaj bro, gimme your scale!!" shouted Aaronn, one of the many boys who called her "bro", indicating that she was a"brother" to the boys. " there ya go!!!" shouted back Raaji, who threw the scale with such precision that it landed right in Aaronn's hands. "Woah! Thanks buddy!!" he called back. "So, chatting with HIM again eh, Raaj" crooned Megha, one of the "gossip girls". Raaji had nicknamed the group of her teenage classmates like that as they always gossiped, in class, during interval, lunch hours, even during examinations!!! "Hey Megha, you know what? I found your nose. It was poking in my business. so, move it before I BREAK it!!!" Raaji retorted. "Ooooh" the girls crooned again. "Whoa girls, beat it" Arjun said. "I thought that a hell lot of owls had entered the class". "Forget those idjits" he advised Raaji. "They are gonna end up as models to your designs" he said. "Only if I become a ffashion designer" she said. "I thought you were gonna become a fashion designer!! And I'd been dreaming of a male model/ auto motive engineer" he said indignantly. "I don't know, Arjun" she sighed. "I really don't know what I'm gonna do." " There's this one way: discover yourself" Arjun quoted Raaji's mother's words. Just then the teacher came in, so they abandoned the conversation. "Raaji akka!(Raaji sister!) You have to come down to the open air theater in the 5th period for choreographing some kathak, kuchipudi and bhrathanatyam steps!!!" yelled a 7th grade girl, who was obviously sent by the school dance teacher to deliver the message, and ran back to her class. " now, now, kids settle down" Mrs. Shraddha, their English teacher. "Now, its time to allot groups for your FA - II activity. You will be divided into six or seven groups and you will enact the play from our literature reader. You can discuss and allot the roles yourselves. Shut up Varghese!! Stop talking Saai!! Now, the groups:- Varghese, Davis, Jai, Swajit, Rohan, Ashir, Sai- 1st group. - No, you first listen - Vaasundra, Aishwarya, Haseena, Shas, Supradha, Seline, Vibhavi - 2nd group......" and so went on the groupings. and at last - " Jyatha, Pallavi, Vaishnavi, Swathi, Madhuri and Raaji - 8th group" Raaji groaned. They were like her, but they did not like her. Neither did she. Atlast the bell rang. She went to the open air theater for the dance. She, and some senior girls - Kavyashree, Sharanthi and Janani choreographed the steps. After one hour of intense practice, argument and listening to the music over and over again, Raaji returned to her class, exhausted. The chemistry teacher had written some notes, which she copied immediately from Vasundra, who was a bit cool with her and was also her neighbor. "hey Vasu, this sentence is wrong" she indicated a sentence from Vasundra's notebook. "I don't see the mistake...." "Umm... well... " Raaji corrected the sentence for Vasu. "Hey you got talent in chemistry. Why don't you try pursuing that - I mean, I heard you telling Arjun that you didn't know what to do, so..." "Ya, I'll try that" Raaji replied. Maybe she really was good in chemistry... She always got full marks in it and had no tough time understanding it. That, was the moment when she knew.... when she came to know.... that she was going to be Rajalakshmi Madhavan, a great forensic scientist, an undercover agent and a well-known dancer, and a woman who can step into anybody's shoes and act, think and do everything the same way her character can do, unlike any other human in the world, a unique person. That's when she discovered her true self... with her neighbor's, her mother's, and her true friends's words.... That's when she came to know....


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