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Lost in the darkness.... part 1

By: romanceWjoshramsay

Page 1, i lost my parents at a young age, i ended up in child care, lonly and depressed in the darkness! * this story isnt real, its a story i came up with when i was depressed and alone!

Lost in the darkness

my parents died when i was only 3 years old.

i was left in the hands of my foster parents in child care, with over 6 brothers and sisters in a small home.

it was depressing, lonely and cold. no one wanted me, i was never adopted and by the time i was 17 there was only me and 3 sisters left in my foster home.

i never went to school but sometimes i would hide in my room, in the darkest coner and i would read for hours.

people never talked to me, i had no friends, no relations with no one and no real life to look forward to!

i was drowning in the darkness and pushing away the world around me! at 18, i would lie in bed and suffer in the pain.

but one day something happened............., i was walking the streets seaching for a job, when a tall, strong sturctured, young man stepped out of the darkness.

he had ear-length dirty blonde hair, brode sholders and deep green eyes. i stood there captivated by his beauty, shocked that a handsome guy like this would be walking the dark allies at this late hour?! then it came to me, he couldn't be?, or was he....., a vampire?

his eyes were dark and had an evil glow to them, he was fairly pale but he had a great complection! he spoke in a deep tone, "nice evening, isnt it?" he asked with a crocked grin apon his face. i stumbled to find my words, "um ah.., yeah but it's quite chilly though" i hesitated. he took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around my sholders, his cold hands sent shivers up my spine, "allow me to walk you home, you must be quite lonly!" he asked putting an arm around my sholder, pulling me into his cold chest within his embrace.

we walk in silence through the darkness untill we reach my depressing foster home. i look into his dark eyes, "are you a vampire?" i asked in hesitation. a creepy grin appears on his face, "certianlly!" he says smiling, and showing his fangs. a creepy chill runs up my spine.

he whispers in my ear, "your not alone in the darkness..." then he vanishes, and a piece of paper floats down from the night sky.

i catch it, reading its words, "names Joel, i miss u already!..., meet me at the old hill tomorrow night!" a smile creeps apon my face.

as i lie in the darkness of my room, a cold wind brushes past me making me shiver. i turn to the open window, to find Joel standing there!

i jump, and he catches me in his arms. he smiles showing his fangs, "i hope i didnt scare you!" i touch his pale skin, cold and smooth.

my smile dims as i lean closer to his firm lips, his lips are cold yet soft. he sets me on my bed, his cold lips touch my forehead and then he vanishes through the window!

i sit in the dark silence of my room, alone once again. i think if he'll ever come back.....,

leave a comment if u want me to continue to part 2?!

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