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Lost in the darkness...part 2

By: romanceWjoshramsay

Page 1, vampires, love, darkness and fear! that pretty well sums it up!

Lost in the darkness!

Part 2♥

... i wake in the morning to find a single dead rose, resting on my night stand.

i carefully pick it up and tightly hold it close to my heart, feeling a cool breeze rush past me.

my stomach starts to churn, as dark memories flood my mind!

my mother loved roses..., but shes gone and lost,

then Joel appears in the window, making me smile as i shed a tear. he smiles back, showing his fangs and sits beside me on my bed.

i lay my head on his cold sholder, he wraps his arm around me. he looks deep into my eyes, "have i told you yet, why i'm here?" he says smelling my neck, "no" i whisper back to him.

"i came to pull you away from the darkness, so that you can live for all eternity and start a completly new life!" he says pulling my chestnut brown hair, behind my ear.

i try to block out my thoughts, but the depressing darkness of them overflows my mind, breaking me down into a cold, depressed, crying, 18 year old girl on the damp floor!

he sits beside me, his cold hand comforting my sholder. i look up to meet his dark eyes and smile, "please dont hurt me!" i whisper in a scared tone

he pulls me into his embrace, stroking my hair. he whispers in my ear, "i like you, i'm not going to hurt you!" kissing my neck with his cold lips.

once he releases me, he kisses my cheek and sits on my bed.

he pats his lap and smiles. i get up and sit on his lap, facing his cold lips.

he leans into my neck kissing me, making his way up my neck, to my jaw, reaching my lips!

his lips are cold and smooth against my skin, his hands pull me closer to him. i captivate this memory being my first kiss!

i had to catch my breath, he kisses my cheek and sits me on my bed, handing me a dead, white rose dripping with blood......................,

leave a comment if you want me to continue to part 3?!

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