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Lost in the darkness...Part 4

Short story By: romanceWjoshramsay
Young adult

that pretty well sums it up!

Submitted:Jun 6, 2011    Reads: 62    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Lost in the darkness

Part 4♥

... i smile at his boney structure and push him down onto my bed!

i sit ontop of him as he hold my hips and gently pushes me into him. addreniline rushes through my veins as a moan escapes my lips!

we continue to move into eachother untilli see the sun start to rise through my window. i look at him and kiss his lips one last time before he leaves. Joel kisses my forehead, flashes his clothes on and then he's gone, vanishing through my window!

soon i'm left in the dark dampness of my room, naked under my blankets watching the sun rise through the trees in my window!

as the day goes by, Joel never returns untill night fall. when he does flash through the window, the expression on his face seems different!

he looks deep into my eyes, "Melonie, come with me i have something special to show you!" he takes my hands and tells me to close my eyes!

then he flashes us into the darkness of the night!

a flash and spark of energy engulf's my body as the world moves rapidly around us!

soon Joel tells me i can open my eyes. when i open my eyes, were surrounded in a meadow of dead red roses in the sparking glisten of the full moon!

i hold him close for my safety! he whispers in my ear, his lips brushing against my skin, "Melonie, i thought this would be the perfect place for you to become a vampire!"

i stand in shock, "you ment it, when you said it to me before?!" i feel dizzy. he hold me steady to keep me from falling!, "of course i ment it, but don't worry i won't make it hurt to much!"

he holds me close, kisses my lips, down my jaw to my neck. then i feel a piercing cut filled with a sering pain, soon i'm filled with a cold chill of his lips then i feel a sudden sucking and my neck starts to tence up!

my eyes go blurry and i start to feel dizzy, then my mind blanks out and my knees give out! through all the pain, i hear Joel repeating "i'm sorry, my love!" while he creases my hair with his boney fingers. soon i collapse as Joel gently lays me down in a bed of roses, braiding my hair and intertwining the roses within my braid...........,

leave a comment if you want me to continue to finally part 5?!


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