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Lost in the darkness...part 5 (final part)

Short story By: romanceWjoshramsay
Young adult

dead roses, silver tiaras and the dark truth!
well that pretty well sums it up!

Submitted:Jun 9, 2011    Reads: 32    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Lost in the darkness

Part 5♥ (final part)

... i lay unconcious in the bed of roses untill the uncontrolable pain subsides and i slowly wake from my painful, bloody sleep!

once i wake, i feel dizzy and weak. i lay in the meadow covered in roses, and i realize my clothes are different. i feel my clothing and look down at the colour of my silky gown!

i'm covered in a lengthy gown in midnight black, with long silky, arm length ribbons and a tiny siver tiara that replaces my headband with an ember glow.

in the distance i hear a hum and see a lightning flash engulf a bodily structure. the flash breaks apart and Joel appears within the darkness of the meadow!

he offers me a hand, as i gently get up out of my bed of roses! he takes my hands and pulls me close to him, "how was your sleep, my sweet princess of darkness?" he says licking my neck wound. i pull away and show him my fangs hissing with anger!

he backs off, offended, "what's the matter, my love?" he says with dark teary eyes. i lower my fangs and look deep into his vampire soul, "the matter is that you said it wouldn't hurt to much and it hurt like HELL!" i say screaming at him!

he brushes a dark stran of my hair away from my face, "i didn't say it wouldn't hurt, but it's hard to keep something that's being sucked from you, not to hurt!" he says running his fingers through my silky dark hair.

i look into his deep green eyes and give a smirk, "what do you mean when you said i was your princess of darkness?" i say glaring at him with a serious look.

he pulls me close and whispers in my ear, "your a vampire now and princess of darkness, i find suits you!" he says licking his lips.

i bit my lip, as he pulls me even closer and as i brush my lips against his cheek!

i laugh, he smiles and lifts me up and twirls me around, kissing my lips!

we lie in the meadow and look up at the fullness of the moon, enjoying eachother's company! he holds me tight and i curl in close and kiss him gently!

were so happy and vanish together into the darkness, flying through the sky, as our love grows stronger between us!

should i continue to the next short story "Vampire love"?

leave a comment if you want me to make a sequence to these short story parts?!


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