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Five Minutes to Live

Short story By: rsjakovac
Young adult

An eleven year old girl named Sue finds that she has five minutes to live.

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Five minutes to live

What if you had five minutes to live? Would you make the most of it? Would you cry and moan and complain about it? Or would you be like me and fight it, fight it until you are on your death bed.


"Mom, what if I had five minutes to live?" I ask as my mother as she washes the dishes.

"I would give you everything that you ever wanted, honey." She answers.

"Would you still make me make my bed?"

"Certainly not, why do you ask?"

"Oh, nothing…"

I sprint from the kitchen up to my room. I start to throw pillows on my bed. I will not die! I throw the sheets and comforter on the bed.

Five minutes, five minutes is all I have… I start running down the stairs to my front door and yell,

"Mom, I am going on a walk!" Then I almost smash my face against the front door as she yells back,

"Okay, honey! Be careful!" Even though I am barefoot I still dash out the door and start running down our street. I quickly turn a corner.

How do I know I have five minutes? There is the voice, there is the voice in my head. The angels singing to me. Their mystical voices are chanting, 'You have five minutes. Use them wisely. You have five minutes, then you will die!" They are not good angels, they are devils with wings.

Then they start to get louder, 'We are the angels! We shall not come for you! Your name is Sue! We shall not come for you! You are eleven. We shall not come for you! Boo!

Right at that moment, something stabbed into my neck and I passed out.


Owww… Where am I? Definitely not heaven. Way too painful to be heaven.

I look around and find that I'm in a very unfamiliar room. I don't even get déjà vou when I'm in here.

I put my hand over my chest to see if my heart is beating. I hope to feel the steady boom boom that I usually do, but I feel nothing, nothing at all.

I walk over to a big floor mirror and look at myself. Normal. Wait, I start to walk closer to examine my eyes. Normal brown. Maybe not so normal… I watch closely at my eyes. It looks like someone is brushing a paint brush over my eyes and turning them red.

I step back and almost scream as I feel over my heart again. Can this be? Were the angels warning me?

I walk back to the mirror and start to look at my teeth. Normal. Not really… This time, it looks like my teeth are growing and someone is sharpening them as they grow.

The angels were warning me. Only because someone else was coming to get me… The vampires.


A strange feeling of thirst suddenly goes over me. I need something to quench my thirst. Blood. Blood will quench my thirst.

I sprint out of the room and out the front door of this strange house. I run down a hill to the center of the city.

Hundreds of bodies lay dead on the streets. I smell around and find one left alive. That means that I'm part of their army. They left me a snack.

It is a man of middle age with short brown hair. He is just unconscious, not dead. I grab his shoulders and bring my mouth to his neck. His blood is delicious, but I am also hungry. I rip off one of his limbs and start to snack on it. Delicious.

I start to look closer at the man's face. Who is that? I know… It's on the tip of my bloody tongue. Oh… My father.


I hear something come up behind me as I pop out the man's eyes and shove them into my mouth.

I turn around when I am done with my meal I turn around wondering if I have another feast to come. Just then I saw something that I didn't really expect. My angels.

"You have betrayed us!" The head angel says as she gestures to the other two angels behind her.

"I am hungry!" I hiss back.

"Hunger… Hunger! That is why you killed an innocent man!"

"He was my father!" I scream.

" And?" The head angel asks.

I stay silent.

" And we have to send you back!" She answers herself, " You have to redo it."

My head starts to spin and I close my eyes. Waiting to die again.


I open my eyes from that terrible dream. What kind of dream is that? Weird is what I say! Wait, there is a voice. I listen to the back of my mind and hear, 'We are the angels, and we saved you. You have five minutes, five minutes, again, and again, until you get it right. Then I realized. I have lived the same five minutes twenty times over.


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