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Targets of Two Thousand and Four

Short story By: SilentbutDeadly
Young adult

Tags: Abuse, Death

For Nicolelovesya contest.Round Two.It's talking about relationship abuse.Read on to find out more.

Submitted:Jun 4, 2011    Reads: 79    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

Targets of two thousand and four
Imagine a world where women had a fearless life and would live in freedom just like the men. A place where we would always be treated equally, but that doesn't happen anymore because we are in the 21 century a rather respect less century. My name is Rhiannon and this is my violent life.
I had the perfect job, house, car anything you could imagine and also my amazing job. My bad life stated at the age of 21, you see he was my boss from my work the kindness he showed to me was beyond words. We would have lovely times together just having fun. I seemed important to him; at lest I thought I was.It all started with him forcing me into having sex with him at least wanted to have my V card until I got married but that didn't stop him from popping my cherry.
"Why don't you just leave me alone I don't want anything to do with you ever" I screamed. The slap he gave me sent me flying all the way to the kitchen.
"If you where a good girl I wouldn't have to discipline you so much" he sneered.
"When I tell you to do something you do it no buts, ifs or get it yourself you are my slave from now on"
I actually wonder where he came from planet Z seriously. He was 31, the fact was I thought older men would be good for me since they had more experience with everything and also mature but I was wrong, this one was clearly taking advantage of me physically and mentally. I was no longer near my parents and also I was forbidden to leave the house. This carried on until I found out I was 6 months pregnant. All the beating and harassing made me oblivious to my own health and body.
Even though I was pregnant it did not stop. You wondering what kind of human being he is well I will tell you he was an animal actually animals are better disciplined that him. Has his mother never told him not to hit girls?
"Come here slave get me some milk and biscuits" he yelled from the bedroom. As if I dint have better things to do that to be a phone service to him.
"Get it yourself" I yelled back I knew no to start his temper, who is he to tell me to get him something, but as soon as those three words came out of my mouth I hear the huge stomps coming my way.
"What did you say" he hissed
"GET.IT.YOURSELF." I replied I really did not know what I didn't run; I was like a dear caught in headlights. I guess his venomous eyes stuck my feet on to the floor.
He hit me so hard and thatsent me flying backwards on to the sofa. I could taste the salt in my blood slowly dripping down from my now busted lip, I smiled "are you done yet" I asked. He started hitting me some more and finally walked away. He muttered something about slave. The days went by and I would get hit because of useless things.
My life was now pure hell, I honestly didn't know what pain was until I was with HIM, I can't ever bear to say his name because of the things he has done and does to me. Nine months has passed It was now July the 14th the day of my Birthday and also the day my child was about to come out. It was a girl as it turned out to be. He wasn't even there to help me but why did I need his help for? After all the trouble he has bought up. I bought clothes and everything else I needed for my girl. Oh and I almost forgot I named her Rhiannon as well. Most of you will think I'm crazy but the reason is that I'm not so sure If I will survive, I just wanted a way of her remembering me even if she didn't not me very well.
A year has passed now and HE is still abusing me. I've come up with many plans on how I'm going to sneak out of this hell hole. Poor parents don't even know what's going on and that's my next stop. As soon as he went out of the house I went for my phone which I have hidden in a box up in the attic. I called my parents and told them about everything that has happend, but my luck flew out of the window as I felt an object held up to my head. Turning solely around I found my poor little girl lying on the floor blood surrounding her and the object turned out to be a gun. I let out a shrieking scream I'm really sure the neighbours could hear it.
Thankfully my phone was still on and on the other end my parents who hopefully also called the police where on their way. A millisecond later I smelled gunpowder and heard a pop. Something wasn't right, I felt normal but at the same time weak.
"You shot me" I asked unbelievably
"Oh yes I did well guessed slave, I will tell you what lets play the guessing game" he said playfully
"What was the point" I whispered back to him it was more like a question to me why did I even bother going into a relatiosnhip. My life was now gone. He took advantage of me andhe won.
Slowly my eyes sealed themselves for eternity and as for my girl the same goes for her. You guys are probably wondering what happened HIM. Well as said earlier 10 minutes after he shot me the police came with my parents trailing behind them before he tried to dispose our bodies. He was sent to jail until he rots in there and as for me and my girl well we are here resting in peace in our new home the coffin and our new area the graveyard.
I guess he won but I'm still a survivor inside my parent's hearts and everyone else who has suffered from relationship abuse. I will come back and hunt him every summer; I will be the ghost of your worst nightmare You Bastard. And ladies lets remember this we are the ones that hold the keys to the freedom. If we are not heard then nothing will happened and we would continue to be a punching bag until our time comes to an end. It's time to take action against abuse everyone.
So remember ME and the others because we fought
Boyfriend and girlfriend is whatI thought
Two can play at this game you called love
Just look up and remember us because we are above
No one has forgotten us because you are an ugly looking gore
We were the targets of two thousand and four


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