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A Boy To Remember

By: Smilyface3364

Page 1, A small chapter

I sat in class, waiting for it to be over, staring at the teacher and followed him with my eyes. The only thing that registered was when he set us off to work on our own.
My best friend, Riley, sat down. "God, I never thought he'd stop talking." His deep voice breathed next to my ear.
I looked at Riley, watching how he settled into the seat and stared down at the pencil he was twirling in his fingers. His dark hair flowed to his chin and covered his dazzling clear-blue eyes. His crooked nose brought out his cheek bones. He looked up, noticing that I hadn't responded, giving me a small smirk.
He dropped the pencil and kept his eyes on me. His dark, navy blue colored flannel shirt twisted, showing his nicely tanned skin. His denim jeans hugged his hips flowed freely down.
The intercom came on as a rushed voice came over the speaker. "Paige Weston to the office please." The teacher granted permission for me to leave.
"Watcha do this time, Weston?" Riley grinned as I walked behind him to the door.
"Nothing I haven't done without you, Andrews." I turned and stuck out my tongue at him.
"What are we, five now?" He joked, looking pointedly at me.
At the door, I turned, "Nope, three and a half." I stalked out before he could say anything.
I walked into the office to find my aunt sniffling in a chair with a tissue in her hand. We looked pretty identical, except for my dads height that I had inherited. She had to be about three or four inches shorter than I am. Otherwise, we had the same platinum blonde hair that flowed to mid-back, bright electric green eyes, only mine had sprinkles of brown and flecks of a yellow-orange. It gave me an exotic look, but just made her eyes look wider than they really were.
"Aunt Heather, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?" I crossed the area between us and kneeled down next to her. "Aunt Heather?"
After a long silence, she stood up. "Let's go, get your stuff. We have to leave to go to the hospital." She walked to the lady behind the office. "Call Riley Andrews to the office. He will be leaving with us."
Something was seriously wrong. For Aunt Heather to take Riley too, something must be seriously wrong. Riley's family wasn't really close to ours, but after we were assigned as table mates in kindergarten, we stuck together no matter what. Even when I climbed the social chain and he stayed below. He was more a brother than a friend.
"Aunt Heather, what is going-" It suddenly hit me. Someone is hurt, on their death bed. "Who is it? Who's dying?"
She looked at me with fear and desperation. "Your parents..." She whispered.
Once I was called to the office, I knew. Paige will be in pieces. I walk into the room and Paige ran into my arms and sobbed into my shirt. It was dead quiet as she cried everything out. Someone brought us our stuff and we walked to the car, Paige holding onto me tightly.


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