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The Basement girls

Short story By: SoftLips
Young adult

21 year old Lexi thinks she's going to get a one night stand with 39 year old Andrew and realizes too late that she's in for more than she bargained for when he kidnaps her...

Submitted:Mar 14, 2012    Reads: 824    Comments: 7    Likes: 0   

It's finally saterday! I'm Lexi, the "dream" daughter in front of my parents, and the hard partier while I'm away at college. Tonight I'm meeting up with some of my girlfriends to hit the bar and hopefully get some action. I hear someone knocking on the door and Rachael yells, "hey! hurry up, are you ready?". Come in I just have to slip on my dress. I'm wearing 4inch red heels and a tighe lowcut dress that stops right where my ass ends. On the way to the bar we talk about Rachael and her boyfriend and about the guys we are about to meet and posibly have a one night stand with. When we walk in the bar I feel all eye's on me and after a couple of drinks I start to dance. I meet a guy who looks like he's in his late 30, yet his face looks young, and he has a nice, toned body. I start dancing and grinding on him, "hey there sexy" he whispers in my ear as his tongue lightly flicks my ear. I reply by grinding against him while the music plays loud. I think of how lucky i am to be a 21yr old college girl, grinding on this beautiful mad who's almost old enough to be my dad. As the music slows down he pulls me over to the table and offers me a drink. I take it graciously and down about 5 more while I'm sitting with him. He tells me his name is Andrew and he just moved here, I tell him I'm Lexi and just moved here. He slides his hand up and down my leg under the table making me moan. I pull his hand up farther to show him I'm not wearing anything underneath, Just when i think he's going to enter me he draws his hand back and tells me to follow him. When we get to his car we get in and he drives for about 30 min to a house surrounded by woods. He opens my door and when i try to step out he picks me up and sets me on his shoulder, surprised i just laugh as he walks towards the house. When we get to the porch he sets me down and lifts my dress over my head and tosses it to the floor. He starts kissing me everywhere and stops when he hears me moan. He picks my up again and leads me to a door in his kitchen. We go down some stairs into a basement and i start getting scared, not knowing why we're going down there. When we reach the bottom he turns on a light and i see 3 more girls lying down there naked. I start to scream and try to fight him and run, but he's stronger and pushes me down and my head hits the cement and i black out....


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