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Finally Free ***EmoVampire13's Challenge***

Short story By: stacey
Young adult

All Again For You by We The Kings Your names are Mike or Mikey (same thing form there you may choose) and Angel and purple is suspense.

I hope I did it all correctly.. (I've never done suspense before so I don't know if it is or not.)


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"What the hell is wrong with you lately?" Sherry asked as she picked up the pieces of the cordless phone I was talking on. "You've been acting so weird for the last couple weeks, isn't there anything I can do for you Mike?" She asked as she set the pieces of the phone on the table. She walked over to me wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me in for a kiss. I grabbed her hard by the shoulders and threw her back against the wall. "Don't you dare run out on me for that little whore!" Shock took over me as it hit that she new there was someone else. I tried to play dumb and just find a way out for now.

"I have to much going on I have to go. I don't know when I'll be back" I ran out of the house just as I heard glass shattering against the wall. I jumped in my truck and just as I got down the street my cell phone started to ring.

Mike - Hello?
Nurse - Hello Mr warner?
Mike - Yes.
Nurse - Mr Warner my name is Stephanie Case, I'm a nurse here at St Joseph's Hospital. I was told to contact you to tell you that Angel Farrell was brought in by ambulance.
Mike - Is she ok? The baby?
Nurse - She's pretty shaken up and has a few minor cuts and bruises but will be fine. She said her water had broke about two hours ago and was trying to get here when someone had ran a stop sign into her. Her labor is progressing very quickly.
Mike - I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Tell her I'm on my way please.
Nurse - I will sir.

I hung up the phone and stepped on the gas. I started to think about the events from the past year. Twelve months ago I was offered the chance of a life time. My father had to sell his law firm about three years ago to pay for medical bills when my mother had fallen ill and then to help pay funeral expenses when she passed away. The new owner of the firm had tracked me down and gave me an offer to have the firm back as long as I married his daughter. I agreed and we were married within the month. Sherry new that I never really wanted her but always thought she could make me fall in love with her. We did have a two week honeymoon where I did everything a husband was to do with his new bride in hopes I would be able to make something come out of this. A month after I told Sherry I needed to be honest and that I wasn't sure if I could stay with her because I still had felt nothing towards her and she told me that I couldn't leave her now since she was pregnant. I went the next month pretending to be in love with her and put on a good show for people. One night I was arriving home from work early when I walked in the house and over heard her talking on the phone saying how she wasn't sure what story to use on me. She had pretended to be pregnant to keep me with her. I called her out on it and ended up leaving town for a couple months. While I was out town I stayed with my brother and his family trying to figure out what I could do to get out of this shame of a marriage and keep the firm. I knew Sherry's father had been ill from cancer and wasn't on good terms and decided I would wait it out and once he passed away I would be able to leave Sherry and keep my fathers firm. Angel was my sister in laws sister and was spending the summer with them. We ended up getting really close over the two months I spent there. When it was time for me to return home we revealed our feelings to each other but knowing my situation I told her it was best if she moved on and forgot about me. She deserved much better. Angel wouldn't hear of it and decided she would wait for me as long as it took. I moved her into the other side of town so I could spend every free minute with her. After another month Angel decided that instead of spending another weekend locked up in the apartment we should go away. I told Sherry I had meetings out of town and took Angel to Miami. That's when she had brought out the bag with the pregnancy test in it and told me that she knew about Sherry's hurtful trick and that she wanted me to be there with her when she found out if we were going to have a baby or not. The only thing I felt was excitement. I wanted to have a family with Angel and spend the rest of my life with her.

I pulled into the hospital parking lot and ran through the doors. Once I got to the desk a nurse showed took me the rest of the way to Angels room. I heard her painful cries from down the hall. "Where the hell were you?" She yelled at me grabbing my hand. "I've been calling you for hours. I decided to just drive myself and out of no where this black SUV hit the side of my car." Angel was crying hysterically with tears streaming down her face. I hated seeing her cry. I wiped the tears with my finger and wrapped my arm around her.

"Angel I'm sorry I didn't answer. It must have been off or something." I knew Sherry must have shut off my phone while I was in the shower this morning. She was always trying to make me miss phone calls for work trying to get me to spend more time with her. I hadn't touched her since the night I found out her lies. I brushed my fingers down Angels cheek as she took a couple deep breaths.

"Mike I know the whole situation with Sherry and I know that I am suppose to be ok with how everything has to be right now but I want you to know I want you full time. I don't want to have to be without you anymore." I felt stabbing pains in my heart. I knew Angel didn't deserve to be put through. She had never once complained or bitched at me about any of this. She would always tell me when the time was right we would be together. Something clicked inside of me right then. It was time for my father to get over his firm. I couldn't do this anymore.

"Angel I'm not going back. I am going to stay here and we take our little baby home that it. We will be home for good." I kissed her forehead as she let out a painful scream.

"Get the doctor I have to push I can't stop." She yelled. I ran out into the hall where there were a group of people in scrubs sitting at the nurses desk.

"We need a doctor in there she's pushing." I said as my heart started pumping. Dr. Kogan jumped up from behind the desk and rushed into the room fallowed by 3 nurses.

"Alright Angel I hear the that your ready to have this baby." The Doctor said pulling the sheet up and setting the bed up for delivery. Two nurses went on either side of Angel and pulled her legs back. The doctor stool at the end of the bed and the last nurse was setting up a corner of the room for when the baby was out. "Angel honey I want you to pull your knees when you feel the urge to push again and then I want you to push your head onto your chest and push as hard as you can."

"OK Its starting to come again." She yelped grabbing my hand and squeezing. I leaned down to her cheek and whispered to her that I loved her.

"Alright Angel PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH .." One of the nurses said. "9... 8.. 7..6...5...4...3...2...1... and take a deep breath.." The nurse said. Angel put her head back onto the pillow and took a couple deep breaths.

"Angel I love you so much. You doing great baby." I whispered to her kissing her cheek. She took another deep breath and pushed once again.

"Come on keep pushing. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.." The nurse said counting down again. The doctor was concentrating on what he was doing and the nurses where still holding back Angels legs. She had tears streaming down her face and I felt so helpless.

"Mike.. I can't do it again I'm so tired." She said closing her eyes. I rubbed her arm.

"You can do it Angel your almost there. We are going to see our son or daughter soon sweetheart." I said trying to comfort her. I was starring at her beautiful face falling even more in love with her. I didn't think I could have anymore love for her then I already did but seeing her now about to bring this little life that we created into the world was just opening my heart more.

"Give me a big push I can see the head Angel." The doctor said. The doctor motioned for me to look. I took a glance and saw a little round head poking out covered in black hair. Angel pushed down again and the nurses started counting down again. "That's right Angel keep pushing here come the shoulder's, your going to feel pressure and then burning then we'll have your baby." I gave her another kiss on her forehead and rubbed her arm. She gave the final push and the Doctor handed me scissors and told me to cut the cord between the clamps. I cut the cord and as my eyes started to tear I heard the most beautiful sound.

"Congratulations Mike and Angel you have we have a baby boy with a very healthy set of lungs and the time was 9:43pm." The doctor said over the babies high pitched cry. He laid the baby in a towel and place him in Angels waiting arms.

"Oh Mike look how beautiful he is." Angel cried. "He has your face and my hair." I bent over her and our son and kissed his forehead. The tears started to escape my eyes. "What would you like to name your son Daddy?" Angel asked as her eyes met mine.

"I don't know, did you have any names in mind?" I had always wanted to have my first son named after me but after everything Angel has done and gone through I thought she deserved to name our son.

"I like Mike Anthony Warner. What do you think?" She asked me keeping her eyes on our son. I couldn't stop the tears yet again no matter how hard I tried. This woman was my soul mate, the mother of my son, my life.

"I think its perfect." I managed to spit out. I just couldn't wrap my head around this miracle I was given. "I was serious what I said before you know. When I take you and Mike home we will be in our home all three of us for good. If you want to I mean." I was hoping to god that she still wanted me. I couldn't imagine my life without her or without raising our son together.
"Mike of course I want you to come home with us. I love you so much!" She said as I reached down to her and kissing her soft lips. "Did you want to hold your son?" She asked me. I nodded and she placed him into my arms. I stood there holding our son in my arms for the first time just watching his little face as he opened his eyes for the first time.

"Hey little guy, I'm your daddy." I said in a goofy baby voice. Looking at him brought back the memories of seeing the little blob on the ultrasound machine, watching Angels stomach stretch bigger and bigger, listening to his little heart beat, seeing him in ultrasound where we could make out his little body, and now we are able to see him, touch him and hold him.

The nurses took Mike over to a corner of the room they had set up to give him a full check. While the Doctor and nurses finished cleaning things up I sat beside Angel holding her in my arms. She snuggled into me as I pulled the blanket up over her. "Sleep sweetheart and I will wake you when they are finished with our son. You need your rest. I promise I'm not going anywhere!" I whispered. I then started to sing to her the song All again for you from We the Kings. It had was her favorite song.

I couldn't sleep last night
I walked alone
On the beach
Where we always used to go
When we couldn't hook up at home

I thought of you
And the time we jumped the fence
pool-side, stripped down
We dove right in
And the cops chased us again

When you were mine
You know

We had it all in front of us
You were the one
I was in love
But you always hurt
the one you lost
I couldn't get enough

You were everything
That's bad for me
Make no apologies
I'm crushed...
Black and blue
But you know
I'd do it all again for you

Today, dressed up
In designer drugs
Dedicated to the one
I'll always love
The one who really messed me up

I let you take the wheel
And the driver's seat
Strapped in
So you get the best of me
Now what's left are the memories

When you were mine
You know

We had it all in front of us
You were the one
I was in love
But you always hurt
The one you lost
I couldn't get enough

You were everything
That's bad for me
Make no apologies
I'm crushed...
Black and blue
But you know
I'd do it all again for you

I am standing in the ocean rain
Rough and ready
For your deadly game
I've got nowhere else to go

We had it all in front of us
You were the one
I was in love
But you always hurt
The one you lost
I couldn't get enough

You were everything
That's bad for me
Make no apologies
I'm crushed...
Black and blue
But you know
I'd do it all again for you
(You know I'd do it all again for you)
(I swear I'd do it all again for you)

Once she was asleep I gently laid her head down on the pillow and kissed her cheek. I watched her for a few moments before the nurse brought Mike over to me. They had him in a little blue sleeper with a little blue hat on and he was cuddled up tightly in a think blanket. I sat back in the rocking chair and rocked him softly. "I swear I will never leave you and your mommy ever. You two are my world forever." I whispered. The nurse came in and let me know they would be back in a few minutes to help with his first feeding.

"You look amazing over there." I heard as I saw a flash. Jasmine and Tony walked in the door with Jasmine snapping picture after picture. They were Angel's brother and sister. "How was it?" Jasmine asked walking over to me with her arms out. I handed Mark over to her and stood up letting her sit down.

"She was amazing. I was just about to wake her up since its almost time for his first feeding.

"Congratulations Mike. You look like a proud new father." Tony said shaking my hand. I got a long really well with Angels siblings thankfully. I had actually hired Tony to draw up divorce papers a couple weeks ago so I could finally give Angel the type of relationship she deserved. He handed me an envelop. "This is everything you need."

"Thank you so much. Angel named him Mike Anthony Warner." I said. I felt so proud introducing my son to his Aunt and Uncle. I saw Tony's eyes tear up. Everyone called him Tony but it was only short for Anthony. Angels father had passed away when Angel was two. With her being the baby of the family and Jasmine only a year older Tony took care of his mom and sisters. He was older then Angel by fifteen years.

"I always told you I would add your name into my first born's name. I'm just thankful it was a boy." Angel said with a chuckle.

"Congratulations Sis." Anthony said leaning in to hug her. "He's just as handsome as his uncle." He said laughing.

"Lets just hope he acts nothing like you!" Jasmine said as she stood to bring Mike back to Angel. "I think he's hungry since he looks like he's trying to find something to stick in his little mouth." She leaned over and also gave Angel a hug. The nurse walked in just then to help us get him feed for the first time.

"We will head out for tonight we just wanted to make sure you everything went well." Jasmine said. "We are going to be in town for a couple days to help out so we'll stop by your place tomorrow night after you get home and settled." Anthony added. We all said our goodbyes and the nurse helped Angel give Mike his first feeding. Mark latched on very quickly and we had no problems. He was very hungry. I helped out the rest of the night and let Angel sleep as much as she could between feedings.

The next morning I had to go back to Angels place to get the baby's car seat and baby bag so we could bring him home. I told Angel I had a couple other little errands to do and that I would be back soon. I gave her and Mike hugs and headed out promising not to be long.

I put the key in the door and walked into the house hoping Sherry would be awake by now even though it was only eight am on a Saturday morning. I heard voices coming from the bedroom upstairs and called out for her. Once at the top of the stairs Sherry walked out in a towel and jumped at the sight of me.

"What are you doing back here, did your little slut kick you out?" She spat at me but her facial expression gave me the impression she was hiding something. I heard someone in our bedroom and pushed past Sherry to see who it was.

"Well John I didn't think I would see you here in my bedroom in only your shorts. So what's going on man? I haven't heard from you in almost a year." I was shocked but rejoicing in my head. This couldn't have been better. I wouldn't have any problem getting what I want now. "Sherry honey what on earth would you be doing with John in our bedroom both of you naked. Do you not love me anymore?" I said trying to pretend to be hurt.

"Its not what it looks like.. I mean.. He just.. He came looking for you last night and I didn't think you would want your best friend to sleep in a hotel." Her face went white just standing there.

"Now sherry tell the man the truth for once. Mike, I've been fucking her since I got into town last month. She told me you two weren't together anymore." He said pulling on his jeans.

"Well we aren't together anymore. Sherry sign these now or I will tell your father everything you've done." I grabbed my cell phone and started dialing his number knowing she wouldn't want him to find out. He would cut her off of the family money for sure and she would have nothing.

"I love you Mike please don't do this we can work it out." She begged and pleaded. I grabbed the pen in my pocket and set the papers on the table in the hallway.

"You will sign them now or I press send." I said. "The house and everything in it is yours. I don't want anything. Hell, give all my clothes and shit to Johnny here. I don't give a shit. I'm going to be free." I said happily shoveling the pen in her hand. John just sat on the bed and watched. Sherry signed the papers crying still begging me to reconsider. I grabbed the papers and tucked them in my jacket.

"I need to leave. The woman I really love just gave birth to our son and I need to be with them. I am free to be with my family. Enjoy your life Sherry." I said walking back down the stairs and out the door for the very last time.

I stopped by Angels place and grabbed the car seat and baby bag. Since it took a lot less time dealing with sherry I decided to stop at the flower shop and grab something for Angel before heading back to her and Mark. I also picked up a blue teddy bear holding a little plaque that read 'A Baby Born With A Need To Be Love, Never Outgrows It'

Once I returned back to the hospital I walked in the room with the teddy bear and dozen red roses tied together with a balloon saying Baby Boy. Then I handed Angel the envelop as I gave her a hug and kiss. I picked Mike out of her arms and gave him a kiss as well.

"What is in the envelop?" Angel asked as she started to open it.

"This is a gift to you and our son that is long over due." I said. She took out the papers and skipped to the last page where Sherry and I had sign our names. Angel jumped out of the hospital bed and wrapped her arms around me and Mike.

"I love you so much baby. This is the best gift you could have given to us." She said kissing me. I kissed her back until the high pitch little cry interrupted us. "I guess he is hungry again, so we will have to continue that thought after." Angel sat back up on the bed and got comfortable as I handed Mike back to her so he could eat.

"I will go and check with the nurse, make sure everything we have is good so we can take our son and go home." I told Angel. We were going to go home as a family together. Knowing I wouldn't have to miss anything anymore and that I could be everything that Angel and Mike deserved was the most amazing feeling.


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