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Just a short story i wrote yesterday but please tell me if i could possibly make it into a story or no, Tell me what you think :)

Submitted:Apr 1, 2011    Reads: 47    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

A shadow crept along the naked flesh of her beloved enchanting him against his will. The shadow's voice griped his soul with each long provocative word, "Do it' it seemed to hiss, 'Do it." Unable to disobey, the lover groped around in the darkness, searching for the knife that will end it all. Frozen, he felt his lover, the beautiful goddess Maria stirs from her sleep. Not wanting to awaken her, he waiting 2 long minutes before searching again for the sacred knife. The one of two magical knifes that were known to kill immortal beings. As he searched underneath the pillows and mattress he couldn't help but wonder why she told him of the knife in the first place seeing as he was nothing more than a mortal, a human. Nothing at all like her, a beautiful immortal goddess, a warrior sent here from the heaven's to protect us from the Virtra. He repressed a shiver when his sweating hands came across the hilt. "Do it, Ezra. Kill her." The voice sang in his ears, tempting him to do the unspeakable. 'Was it sin to kill your lover let alone the Goddess?' His mind couldn't help but question. "Do it, Ezra. End it now. Its for the best, you want her to be happy don't you to live a life without sorrow and death? All you have to do it stab her." Ezra took the knife out from underneath the mattress, caressing it's wooden hilt between his forefinger and thumb. Unable to resist he traced the design of the sun and the moon above the ancient words carved into the hilt. "NOW!" the voice screamed, "Do it now!" Trying to blink away the tears Ezra prepared himself for the kill. Slowly unable to resist the knife rose above the sheets, the knife glistening in the moon light. Then without hesitation he thrust the blade deep inside his beloved's chest piercing her fragile heart with a breathless sigh. 'Ezra' Maria choked tears falling down her cheek and unto the silky purple pillow echoing the sound of her soft voice, 'Ezra why?" The just like that the coils around his soul snapped and the voice slithered into the shadows leaving a soft hiss in its wake. Realizing what he did Ezra screamed a 'NO!" as he pulled the knife out and wrapped his arms around the woman of his dreams. His lover.


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