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few words here and there but all good!a harmless sad story what can i say .but you have to read it to know what its about.enjoy!by the way she 22 writing this but is 14 inthe story just so theres no confusen.

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They found my weakness and used it against me once but i was small and nieve. Now I have none and live in my room.My name is Isabella and this is my story.I was in my room geting ready for another dreaded day at school. "Isabella get down here your going to be late!" "Coming mom i'll be down in a minute!" so i grabed my bag and headed down stairs. "Someones running late this morning."teased my little brother Bobby. "Shutup munchkin!" "Call your brother that again and you'll get your ass wuped." Mom always did have favorites. Unfochitly first born was never on that list.I just so happend to be first born its sad really."Got to go bye mom bye Bobby!" I ran out the door and to the stop sign just as my bus got there.I got on and sat in my seat I was lisening to my music. Then suddenly someone sat next to me."Hi." "Um hi may i ask your name since your siting in my seat and all." "Oh ya sorry my name is danny and yours?" "Isabella"It came out sounding like ice krimpuling.the rest of the ride netheir one of us talked we got to school and i said"Im sorry if I scared you I dont really talk to people I like to stay away from the rest of the world." "you didnt scare me i like to stay away from th rest of the world to."for the rest of the day we hung out geting to know more about each other.When I got home I think I was in the best mood i've ever been in."Well someones happy?Who died!?!" "Sara you over react to everything just take a chill pill." "Ok who put crack in your food today?" "I quet crack 2 years ago you know that!" "Thats the sister im looking for every thing all good go back to what you were doing people." I was never really on crack I just use to pretend to mess with thier minds it was actually fun. "I 'm going to my room to do my homework nowone bother me."I then walked to my room i actually didn't have any homework i was going to call Danny.I dialed Danny's number and started to talk to him."Really thats so cool!" "Sissy?" "Hold on, yes Bobby?" "Some lady on the phone is damanding to talk to you." "ok, i'll call you back Danny."and i hung up.Bobby handed me the phone and i said"Hello?" "Yes are you Isabella Olsen?" "yes mam i am how may i help you?" "i was told by the local hospital that your mother has die due to a drug over dose.Im very sorry for your loss i'll come by tomarrow to take you and your siblings to foster care." "Are you kiding me were not going anywhere were all staying here together dont we have some relitive that will take us in!?" "I'm sorry i've called them all none of them will take any of you." " Fine but you have to make a deal with me." "Ok what is it?" "Bobby and i are a package and Jonny and Sara are a package or we'll leave and you'll never find us." "Ok you have 48 hours to prepare.Good night." and with that we hung up me stuned and about to burst in to tears.When i finally did everyone came in and tried to comfort me for a reason they didn't even know.When I recovered from my own tears i told my family the news and every one burst in to tears.Including little Bobby in my arms it made me feel worse seeing them this way.2 days later the lady picked us up and took us to the"Place" that all kids dread we were all adopted but the lady lie none of us were ever legualy a package so we were all pulled apart and i haven't seen them since.


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