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Tags: The, Fun, Begins

Mother nature has something in store for Odette

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The sun's shinning down across the oval. The trees are reflecting the sunlight. The grass is greenish gold as the sun shines on them, while the soft cool breeze rustles the trees' leaves softly. The breeze blows softly on Odette's face and the golden brown autumn leaves fall onto the red dirt. It's the perfect Friday afternoon, but no one knows what Mother Nature has in store for them, especially Odette…
The bell rings signaling the end of lunch. Odette says goodbye to May and her other friends. Odette has mathematics at the math's department, while May has a free period meant for studying. Both girls have exams coming up soon and the pressure is on them to do well.
Odette takes her mathematics books from her locker. Her phone drops but she doesn't notice. She locks her locker and begins making her way to her class.
Out of the corner of her eye, Odette notices dark grey stormy clouds appearing in the sky. It gets cloudy and the place looks very dark. Odette focuses on her work, telling herself to study and forget about the weather. She isn't worried. But she should be.
It's five minute till school's over. Odette's finished the work she's been allocated. She's told to mark it. She turns to the answer section and marks her work. 100%…she's at it again, thinking she's the best in her year group…the good girl. She thinks she has a promising future and she's fine. She doesn't know her nightmare is about to begin.
The bell rings. School's over. Students rush out of class. Odette puts her books in her bags and begins making her way to the bus taking her and some students to the train station. More dark clouds appear in the sky. The breeze begins blowing strongly. Odette enters the bus and sees May. She sits next to her and they begin making plans for the weekend. Odette isn't aware of the danger lurking around.
Odette, May and the other students arrive at the train station. The soft breeze which has been blowing earlier that day is replaced by a strong wind. The girls hold onto their skirts to stop the wind from blowing them up. May starts getting worried. She hates storms and thinks they shouldn't go on the train. Odette refuses to listen. May knows of the danger lurking, but Odette is blind to notice.
The train arrives. People rush in, in order to get a seat. May is hesitant, but Odette yanks her inside the train. The train's almost full. Odette sits in front of the door on a priority seat. May reluctantly seats next to her. She's pale and frightened.
Odette unzips her bag, takes out her books and begins doing her homework. She has a lot to do, she has everything in control. Odette welcome to your nightmare. You should have listened to May…sweet dear May. You chose to go home and now you will pay the price.
It starts raining. The heavens have opened for the first time in nine months. May looks grim while Odette pays her attention to her homework.
The rain falls harder and harder on the train roof. May can't see much through the train windows. Odette doesn't find the rain amusing. She's experienced worse storms before, so she doesn't care.
Something harder hits the train roof. The sound grabs Odette's attention. She smiles. It's just hail. She turns to May. May starts to tremble. Odette wants to laugh but just turns back to her work shaking her head.
The train doors burst open and Odette looks up. She sees hailstones coming straight for her. She's dumbstruck. She wants to move, but her body seems separated from her brain. She doesn't move. The hail stones come in contact with Odette's face. They are large and cold. Passengers run down the train screaming "Oh my god!"
Odette is yanked off her seat by her shirt by May. Odette's face is numb and sore. She turns back and sees her books scattered on the floor. Hailstones are everywhere. Her books and bag are drenched. Do you think you've got everything under control?
Rain and hail falls harder. May's had enough. She drops off at the next train station. Odette smiles to herself. She thinks May is scared of everything. You're all alone now.
The train arrives in Maryland and Odette drops off. She has to go to the other train line going to Summerville. She waits in the rain for her train. She looks at her surroundings. There are hailstones everywhere, the roads are flooded, and the traffic is very bad. The wind grows stronger; the trees sway left to right. The rain seems to fall sideways.
The train going to Summerville arrives and Odette enters the train. She looks around. Passengers are saturated and some are dripping wet. Odette sits down and soon begins shivering. She's cold, wet and hungry.
Odette looks through the window. It's misty outside and the place looks like a ghost town. The traffic has gotten worse. Windscreens have been smashed. Odette sees a car's wind screen wipers blow off. One hits another car and the other blows off in the distance. Odette shudders. She's overwhelmed by fear. Are you scared Odette? You should be.
The train stops suddenly. Some passengers are thrown backwards. The train starts again. Some passengers are hurt. Odette starts wishing she hadn't entered the train.
The train begins swaying from left to right. The lights flicker on and off. Some passengers hold on poles. People are screaming. The train starts to move faster. It's out of control. There's chaos everywhere. Having fun Odette? Don't worry, the fun's nearly over.
Suddenly the train slips of the tracks. Passengers scream and yell. Some begin praying to God for their lives to be spared. The lights go out. It's complete darkness. The train has a mind of its own. The train lands on the ground, and then rolls and rolls. Screams gradually fade away. Nothing is heard but the sound of the rain falling, the loud roar of thunder and the lightning cracks in the distance.
Back at the train station, May smiles. She turns around and begins walking into the distance. She orders the storm to stop and it does. The fun's over.


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