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With Moments Like These, Anything Could Happen

Short story By: WeOnlyHaveTheNow
Young adult

Chris was a little too old for Cassandra.. But that didn't stop them...
I had an awfully nice dream one night, so I decided to put it to words.

Submitted:Sep 6, 2011    Reads: 156    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

It felt like a sharp burning sensation as she kissed him. It took all the breath out of her, and when he pulled away, he looked at her with his gorgeous violet eyes. It's not everyday you find someone with a color as amazing as this. Let alone a 17 year old as beautiful as Chris was. He had his ashy brown hat hair standing up now beause she had been running her hands through it as he took all her strength and breath from her. His kisses did that to her; made her weak and unable to catch her breath. His kisses were sweet but panicked, and long and... What was the taste? She didn't know, but she loved it. She knew it was bad, but it was too good. She didn't know why she liked it so much, but it was toxic to her. She rested her head in the crook of his neck, and breathed right below his ear. That drove him crazy, especially when she was laying on top of him with her legs spread on either side of him. She could feel the erection coming up through his black skinny jeans. God, he looked so beautiful wearing all black... The black hat turned backwards, black concert shirt, and his red and white sneakers. His shirt was now tossed in the corner of the room, and her's was somewhere in the tangle of blankets. She didn't mind that she was indecent, she may only be 14, but what she wore hardly counted as clothes anyways. Chris stopped pulling at the belt loop on her jeans and reached over to turn off the bedside lamp. As they dove into darkness she giggled. It was nervousness. She was still a virgin, but she was more than willing to lose it. Chris was talkiing to her in a seductive whisper, "Is this what you want right now? I mean, are you positive? Cause I'll still be your friend after this. Things won't change between us unless you want them to." "Hush and kiss me again and don't try to talk me into this relationship stuff again, you and me both know neither of us want one of those stupid things with so called responsibilities," she breathed into his ear, letting her tongue flick out a bit to slightly touch the size 2 gauge in his right ear. He reached down as the same time she did to unbotton the other's pants. He stood up and his jeans barely hung on to his slender hips. She sat up and pulled off hers as well, revealing the pink lacey boyshorts she wore underneath. When he turned around he stared at her with a expression of awe on his perfectly structured face. She sat infront of him with her legs crossed in her panties with a rich lavendar bra with black lace decorating it. She stared at him while he stood infront of her in his boxers, which were, ofcoarse, black. She smirked at him, and pulled the front of his boxers towards her, showing him she wanted him to come back and kiss her some more. Chris was more than happy to obey. As he layed back down ontop of her, with her legs wrapped around him, he quickly pressed his lips to hers and let his hands get to work with the clips on the back of her bra. She put one hand on his shoulder and held onto him tightly, while she let the other gently trail down his beautifully chisled abs. He laughed against her lips a little, probably because she brushed his skin so lightly with her fingertips it was like a feather... And that, was how she lost her virginity.


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