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By: writing from the heart

Page 1, This story is for anyone that hates homework.

                                      On October 9th, Joey did not do his homework and he had extra homework the other day. But he invited his smart friend over his house so he could do it. When he was done, they played on their x-box 360. 4 hours later he left and Joey ate dinner. Yum! Said Joey as he stuffed a whole lot of spaghetti in his mouth. He loved extra cheese. He went to sleep thinking about not doing his homework everyday. The next day at math time he turned in his homework. The class was doing division and multiplication while he was thinking about a plan to escape. So he whispered to his smart friend Bobby and said, I hate math so I will go to the restroom, sit down, and waste my time. But the teacher heard what he said and she said, go say that to the princable Joey! So he went to tell the princable and the princable said, you are in after school detention PLUS tutoring young man! Thats how stupid homework can get you into stupid trouble.

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