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She's Unprotected... (Cute Love's song and lyrics challenge)

Short story By: XxmimixX
Young adult

Even though this is an entry to a challenge, this will also be a mini preview of the story "Destiny: The story of a Lost Soul". It's based of the song "Hotel Lobby" by Utada Hikaru.

lyrics are here:

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Everyone has a dream to get accomplished. Mine's is to become a better woman. How? I don't know..

Those were the words of Ramona just a few long months ago. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed big. She always wanted to become something that the world would remember her as but her parents, who are both in jail, never supported her needs and dreams. Her dad was a drug dealer and her mom was a prostitute. How typical can this lifestyle be? Instead, they would just ignore her and never tell her to keep dreaming big. Now, she thinks the world is just a piece of junk to her and all she could care about is how could she make money without feeling down about herself. The only thing she could think about was becoming just like her mom, a prostitute.

Ever since that decision Ramona made just a few weeks ago, she suddenly stayed out of school and concentrated on finding a way to make a living. Money was the only thing that matter most to her. People at school thought that she was a slut and gave her the name "Ho-bag". They spread rumors about her parents being on drugs (which were in a way true) and excluded her in all of the school activities. There was only one guy that really liked her and his name was Armando. Even though his second language was English, Ramona was able to understand him and his feelings. Unfortunately, that all changed.

Throughout Ramona's life, she passed on secrets & made promises to Armando but this time, it was different. She wants her secret life to be private to him so that he doesn't turn away from her. She's afraid that if her only friend (and best friend) finds out that she is a Prostitute, he would probably just ignore her and say the choice she made was wrong. He believed that she could be anything she wants but being a Prostitute was a no in his book. He wanted the best from her and wants her to make the best choice possible. Sadly enough, poor Ramona didn't listen to a single thing he said. It's very sad indeed.

It was a cold spring day in Brooklyn and Ramona seriously needed a job and a client. For the past a couple of weeks, she's been hanging out at night without her caretaker Anne knowing about it. She's been telling her that the reasons she been coming home late from "school" was because her teachers are always wanting her late to do things. Luckily, Anne believes in her and lets her do her own thing. She walks around downtown Brooklyn with hardly any clothes on her back shivering for her life. She was hungry, smelled like the streets, and was the brick of being recognized as a homeless person. Her hair was becoming nappy and too thick and her shoes were getting to look old instead of new.

She clenches onto her lucky charm bracelet that her caretaker gave to her last Christmas. Tears were running down her pale skin and her hair was slowly beginning to get wet. "I'm sorry Ms. Anne but I want to choose this life." She mumbles underneath her breath. She kisses the charm and places it in her back pocket.

She continues to walk around the busy streets and looks around her of anyone following her. Ramona felt like someone was following her but she wasn't too sure about that. Across the street, there was a mini gang way between a liquor store, a rundown building, and a beauty supplies store. From the direction, Ramona heard a group of guys calling out her name. She didn't know who they were but they seemed to know her. She ignores their call and begins to run.

The group sees her slim body running down the street and began to shout out inappropriate things to her. Why do those guys want her? Is this really the first step of being what she is? She had no idea that her life up to this point will be so difficult. How can a young eighteen year old who dropped out of school become a victim? She didn't want to find out. Then suddenly, her "hero" comes.

As soon as she was about to go through an alley nearby the gang way, a 1979 red Chevrolet comes up to her. She pause her steps motionlessly and skims her eyes inside the car. Inside the car was a man with sunglasses, dark skin, a red New York Dodgers cap, and had a cigar in his mouth. He looked pretty buff and had medium length dreadlocks covering his shoulder blades. To her, he looked pretty old but in a way, he looked responsible.

He rolls down the passenger window and points a gun at her. Her heart began to race and her breathing was loud. Ramona was scare out of her life that this stranger was going to kill her. Was he part of the group as well? But then, the gun started to shoot bullets. The man was not targeting her but he was shooting it towards the group that wanted to harm her. He kept missing his shots as the group were jumping over fences and going through peoples' yards. The man got out of his car with a couple of his friends. He told them to go after the group before the police would catch them all and put them to jail.

Ramona's eyes were looking at the man with the gun and gave him a half smile. She was glad that this man nearly saved her life. "Excuse me but thank you for saving my life-"

"Saving you?" The man chuckled. "I didn't do it to save you. Hun, I did it because me and my g's know the group of guys."

Then, the man came up to Ramona and wrapped his arm around her waist, "Hmm, it seems that you're lookin' for a pimp?" He placed his hand on her cheek and lifted her face up so that she was able to look at him. "Hun, call me Busta! I'm your pimp now."

Ramona slapped his hand off of her face and walked backwards away fro him. Deep inside, she didn't want this guy as her pimp but if he is accepting her as his, then why would she refuse this guy. She's a prostitute and she doesn't want to be respected like a princess. Her goal is to make money and make a living out of herself.

"Bitch, why did you slap your pimp?" He shouted and grabbed her hair tightly. Then he whispered in her ear like a piece of garbage. "Don't hit your pimp again or you gonna face the consequences."

Without saying a word, Ramona nodded. She paced quickly into Busta's car and sat in the passenger's seat. A few seconds later, Busta's friend came in the car out of breath and blood running down their bodies. They were sweating like crazy and their clothes were messed up.

One of them said panting, "Yo, hit the breaks. The cops saw us."

Busta responded, "Sure." He turns on the car and zooms down Broadway.

Ramona wrapped her arms around herself and the little clothes she got on, she used a blanket in the front seat as her protector for warmth. The car was cold and her slim well built legs were shaking. She's finally going to have a home, a life, a job. This so-called "Pimp" is going to pay her some cash. She never had a pimp before so it was pretty exciting for her. No more job searching. No more crying. No more help. It was just going to be her new life and herself.

"Where are we going if I may ask?" Ramona said so happily.

Her pimp gazed through the rear mirror and gave his prostitute a mischievous smile. "You'll see."

For a really long time, Ramona and the group were driving down busy streets, markets, yuppie bars, and neon color lights. She was going to miss all of the yuppie, hip places that she had visited before she was going to choose that kind of a lifestyle. As they were leaving the downtown area, the group was in a more quiet and dark area. Chills ran down Ramona's spin seeing all of the abandon looking buildings and the very few people that were walking around. The area had a weird stench to it, and the dark setting of the neighborhood seemed to make things worse.

Ramona stuttered, "W-where are we r-really going?"

"To the Hotel Lobby lil' girl." One of the guys snickered.

The Hotel Lobby was a place that Busta and his mates' hangout and lived. They keep their money, girls, and prized weapons at. It looks like a hotel but it was more of a crack/whore house. Ramona wasn't expect what was about to come as soon as she got out of the car.

Ramona and her group trotted inside the Hotel Lobby greeting everyone they saw. Everyone's eyes were staring at Ramona like a predator looking out for its prey. Ramona wrapped her arms around herself from the cold and fear that was inside. It was a little too much for her and her guys staring at her in a weird way worried her. They went through very small halls, concrete floors that squealed, and dead animal pellets screwed tightly on walls. Busta opened a door that led into a room full of gold and beautiful things. Inside were two women who seemed to be his other prostitutes wearing outrageous clothing. They were giving Ramona dirty looks and they were gossiping amongst themselves. Busta grabbed Ramona's arm and threw her on his luxurious king sized bed. She slammed her head on some pillows and her legs were up in the air.

"Ahh!" She screamed. Ramona couldn't move her arms one bit when Busta's friends were holding her down.

He slowly toke off his clothes and winked at poor Ramona. She didn't know what was going on until one of the guys said in her ear, "Prepare for a hardcore welcome as your first day."

Busta told his girls to leave the room so he could give Ramona a "nice" welcoming. They obeyed and told Busta to meet him downstairs at the Hotel Lobby. Once the girls left the room, the welcoming began. Ramona was raped; she was unprotected and her life begins thereā€¦

She's unprotected

She's unprotected, oh

She's unprotected

She's unprotected, oh


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