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One last breath .

Short story By: youfoundme
Young adult

Lena’s and Lucas lives rest in the hands of the doctors. Who will survive the tragic event..? This is book three comes right after innocently in love!

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Nathan Finds Lena
I found her lying there help less the last time I saw her she was perfectly okay. Was she not feeling well and didn't tell me? No that's not like her she would have said something. Every ones looking over wondering what happened and what really bugs me is they aren't even thinking about calling 9-11. What are they idiots …? I know that calling them names isn't helping the matter. I take one last look at my beautiful wife that's now struggling to hold on and I look at the waiter.
"Can you please call 9-11 before its too late "I said
"Yes I can hey Joe get the phone and call an ambulance "the waiter yelled
"What should I do … will she be okay "I said with tears in my eyes
"There on their way! "The waiter Joe yells
"She will don't worry, every things going to be okay … "the waiter beside me said
As soon as he said those words they sounded so familiar and that's because they were. I heard them before when Lena was having problems with Serena's pregnancy. About every nurse and doctor in that hospital we were in said the same thing it was like a broken record. So all I said to him was thanks for his help as I heard the sirens,
"Thanks for all your help "I said
"Your welcome "the waiter said as he got up
"Hello she's right over here "the waiter Joe says
"Thanks sir "the paramedic named Julian said
"Okay lets get her up and into the ambulance, why hello im guessing you're the husband "the other paramedic Sophia said
"Yes and I would like to be with my wife at all time "I said
"Of course follow me "Sophia said
The ambulance,
"Do you remember the last time you saw you wife "Julian said
"Yes, she was getting up and walking to the bathroom "I said
"Do you know if she was feeling ill? " Julian said
"No, she didn't look sick or anything either "I said
"Sir Can I ask you a question. Its important "Julian said
"Yes and you can call me Nathan ... what is it? " I said
"Is your wife … pregnant and if yes did she have any problems before? "
"Yes she's pregnant with my son ... And a bunch with her first pregnancy "I said thinking about how Serena at home with the baby sitter
"Oh I'm sorry to hear about that but we think we know what's wrong with her "Julian said
"Really is it serious ... or bad?"
"I can't say until the doctors look at her "he looks at me concerned
"Is it that bad …? " I finally gulp
Hospitals & phone calls
We arrived at the hospital and still no one was telling me anything. I official hate hospitals I really hate them. I felled out a few paper works and I have to make some phone calls. One that is very important I know it is. As I start to dial our house number a doctor start walking my way and I know that I have to make this call quick.
"Hello, hello everything okay how's the honey moon going for you two love birds "the baby sitter nearly yells in the phone
"Not so great, Lena is in the hospital and it doesn't look so good "I saidwith my eyes full of tears
"What! Oh no please how can I help? What happen "the babysitter named Lindsay Said
"Right now I just need you to get my daughter safe and I call you when I find out more information "I said and hung up
The doctor taps me on my shoulder and when I turn around … he's looking at me with concerned look.
"Is my wife okay "I said?
"I think you should sit down for this "he said
"Okay I'm sitting now tell me all ready "I said
"Your wife … Lena needs to have surgery" he said
" what kind of surgery … I want to know if she going to be okay I cant loose her … she's my love of my life ! " I said
"Calm down please, we don't know until the surgery is over you have to trust me your wife and son are in good hands "he said
"I will not calm down! I love her and I need to see her "I almost yelled at the man
"Come with me and take a walk, and ill take your wife "he said
Secrets or rumors …?
While we were walking down the hall I finally got information about what's going on. My wife needs surgery because the baby isn't getting enough food and they need to get him out before he dies. It's almost killing her having Lucas still in her. There thinking that some one shot my wife in the resurant and they think its some one named... James. The only person I can think of that was named that was back in school this guy tried to steal Lena away from me. But it can't really be him can it?
"Are you sure you got the right person "I said
"Yes were sure, the only thing were UN sure about is either or not she got shot "he said
"Well you better make sure, because I want to know "I said
"Look Nathan were doing the best we can "he said
He takes me to this room were I can look down at my wife who looks like she's all ready for surgery.
" look I have to go down there and help your wife , why don't you call someone some friends or stay here just try to stay calm " he said as he walks out the door.
The surgery
I wished I could be right by her side... I hate it up here. Watching her down there I feel hopeless all I want is to help save her life. All the doctors are really getting annoyed of me probably because I won't stop yelling at them but come on. They would do the same if was the person they loved. I didn't everything I can do anything I can think of doing I all ready did. It was a rumor about my wife getting shot that restaurant they got there patient mixed up. The only thing that I came up with to do is pray, pray and pray some more.
" oh god please safe my wife and son , show the doctors some kind of sign ill do anything in return … I just don't want to live with out the person I love to death please help me out amen "
Choices to live by …
My Wife Lena was okay after that and I got a son that day. Lucas was finally born. This put seem like a happily ever after but there's some problems with this one. We have Choices to live by now and it's huge. They have a theory that Lena can't have any more children because they don't think her body can take it. She was upset about that part but was happy to see her and Lucas alive.
"Let's go home okay ..? " Lena said
"Yes my love, lets try to never be in a hospital again! " I said
"Oh I'm agreeing with you there big time "Lena said
"Mommy, Daddy? "Lucas said

"Awe Lucas first words! " Lena and I said
The after math
When we arrived home that night every thing was okay with Serena and the Lindsay the baby sitter. I'm just so glad to be out of that hospital and safe at home with my son, daughter and beautiful wife I love to death. I don't think were going to try having any kids for a while. I think were happy with the ones we got. Who knows what will happen next? Oh by the way the only time I want to be in a hospital again is when my daughter is having her kids.


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