No regrets.

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the first love of a teenager,and an insight into the brain of a young girl.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



I remember the day I first saw him. It was 7th grade,and I felt as if it was love at first sight. Ofcourse for a naive 13 year old,that's what it ever is. I nervously set my bag down and sat down on the bench right behind him on the first day of school.He seemed handsome,godly even. All these years later,I laugh at myself for thinking so. He was definitely just average looking.

I guess the boy could sense my nervousness and the fact that I was utterly flustered,so he turned around and said with a small smirk plastered to his face," Havnt seen you around,what's your name?"  We got into our very first conversation,and from then on I guess I saw it coming,the day me and him would be together. It didn't bother me that he was a grade A douchebag. To me he was perfect,and part of the popular crowd,which I was clearly not at the time.

I became friends with his buddies -the girls and and the guys and they were and are the best thing that ever happened to me. A year later there I was ,a few days into 8thgrade and standing there in the middle of our school ground with my crush proffessing his undieing love to me (this was at the age of 13) and his friends,now mine too,cheering him on.

It was a fairytale.Every hug was cherished,it was puppy love,what do you expect?However at some point,me being a teen girl,lost interest. Things were getting too serious for a 13 year old.yet he seemed so into it, I was too scared to break it off,of losing him. Two years of on and off and finally ,it came to a point where I couldn't stand to be in the same room as him,and the. There was the last straw. We were kinda not too close on my 16th birthday,and all our friends were at my house when he openly read a card about how he'd rather drown in his blood than not be with me. I felt sick to the stomach.How can someone be so overly dependent and clingy to me,a person with hardly and responsibility? I was hardly ready for this sort of a commitment.

That day was the last I spoke to him. All theses months later,the years that I had spent with him,which were then considered blissful only come back to me as utterly boring,horrific and a waste of my perfectly good childhood. I hurried too fast to grow up and now I wish to be a child again.

However,if anyone asks me about one thing I will never regret in. My life,it would be dating him. I might have lost a few years of childhood,but I gained a group of friends I can cherish for life.Friends who have helped me though many situations since,and helped choose right from wrong. My thirteen year old crush might have been a pain,but he helped me procure my best friend who as helped me every step of the way for the past 4 years. 

I may may come off as a bad person when I say this though,the biggest thing I'm proud off and happy for is that even after managing to come from a world into this group through my ex,I managed to turnhis best friend into my brother and his gang as my posse,and I bet that is more than any girl could ask for.

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