That One Time (6'2)

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I talked, he listened and just like that, he told me what was missing. I believed every word, well, thinking back about it now, no I didn't. He just had at the time, something I was missing. I know that I should've walked away, I know that I should've stopped. I know that I shouldn't have been carrying on that way but you know, "old habits..."and such. Oh, but that one time, taller than the trees, stronger than iron. Fast like that f150, racing down the highway. Gentle like the summer breeze, slow like the rain. Lifted me up, held me down, butterflies in my stomach. And then spinning out of control, didn't think I'd make it. I'd say, "Oh honey, I do believe that our time has come." And he'd say, "Oh, but that one time, I swear we had so much fun. Pretty brown eyes, twinkle in your smile. Heart racing every time, you lifted me up, took me away. Then set me back on the ground and I see so much clearer now. How could we just leave this life?"

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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