Back in the game

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Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



Wow! It’s so much fun! My name is Chloe. Let me tell you about the day I went into a hot air balloon. It was sunday night. I had just fallen asleep. But, I was awakened by a big loud CRASH! I quickly got out of my bed and ran to my window. There, was a big hot air balloon! It was strange being there. But it looked as if it was inviting me inside. “Why not?” I asked myself. I grabbed my jacket and hopped out my window into the giant basket. It was untethered. Meaning it was NOT being connected to the ground. We started soaring away. There was an advertisement of my most favorite video game LittleBigPlanet 3. It was on a sign at gamestop. Suddenly, I crashed right into it. But when I looked up, something was different. I felt small. VERY small. And it seemed as if my balloon had gone. Oh wait a minute, I am inside the video game! I was supposed to be sackboy. But i’m a girl. At least, I think so. I knew where I was. I was in my pod and because I wasn’t at home with the controller in my hand, I had to use the gigantic one in the middle of my pod. I wanted to get out of here quickly. I didn’t know any levels with hot air balloons. Except for the one you go to space and get stuck get your rocket blown up and blah blah blah. It was kind of risky. But I had to try. I clicked play online. Not that I had expected to see anyone. Unless they live in a different time zone. That's live bazillion hours behind. Ok maybe 9 hours. That would make it 3:00 in the afternoon. Surprisingly I did see two of my friends online. Moo500 and Eaib something something something. There are lots of numbers in his name. I invited both of them into my pod. Then we loaded up the level. The first part that happens is take off. We all counted down from 10 and, blast off! Than we flew up and we were in space. It was amazing. But I remember what happens after we flip the rocket, one of the engines blast. It already has. I could hear mission control through the speaker. Helllooo? We have a small emergency. “Ya think!?” I shouted back. I remember what they looked like. One guy was dressed like a zebra one was like a mad scientist and everyone else looked like and old man. Except for the guy who looked like he swallowed a whole chicken raw. He was probably an alien but who knows. I looked up from the buttons. Eaib had already moved rooms and was now pressing lots of buttons. Suddenly, we saw a big cheeze circle float across the window. “Is that supposed to me the moon!?” I asked. Eaib nodded. I shook my head. Moo500 told me to press all the buttons that lit up. I looked around. There was a giant pink button I pressed. We quickly got back onto our ship. The other room disconnected. Now, was the moment I was waiting for. THE SHIP EXPLODED. When I got up I was in the hot air balloon and saw a level link with a hot air balloon on it. I waved goodbye to Eaib and Moo500. Soon I was back inside the balloon. Floating home I got into my bed and fell asleep. Then I woke up again. Was this all a dream? I thought. !I’m going to play more playstation mom!” When I got on I connected my headset and invited Eaib to play. There was an odd smile on his character. “How did you like our little adventure last night?” He asked.

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