Heart And Wealth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Well, the title speaks for itself.

Heart And Wealth

By Donald Fransu


When Elaine Winters was in grade eleven, Donald Springs, who happened to be in the same grade, fell in love with her. Unfortunately, she rejected him, saying that she was not ready for a romantic relationship yet.

But in reality, she rejected him because he was blind, religious and conservative, which made him a narrow-minded person.

But he told her that he would never stop loving her. And that was the beginning of pain for Donald.

Contrary to her words, Elaine was ready to be in a romantic relationship, because several weeks after rejecting Donald’s love, she was dating Justin Thorn, who was also in the same grade. When Donald heard this, the wounds in his heart were deepened. But she didn’t care.

In order to alleviate some of the pain in his heart, Donald turned to writing. He published two books before leaving high school. One was a collection of romance short stories, and the other a fantasy novel. To his astonishment, they sold well.

At the same time, he became very popular with the girls of his high school. But Donald did not trust a single one of them. He knew that they only liked him because he was becoming rich and popular. They didn’t care about him before.

Meanwhile, Elaine heard about his books, and was astonished that he was making so much money. She half regretted her decision in rejecting him. She was becoming jealous of the girls who were flirting with him.

By the time he had left high school, Donald Springs was a millionaire. Nevertheless, he didn’t like to talk about it, because he didn’t want any attention from the media.

Of course, Donald and Elaine were friends on Facebook. So she knew what was happening in regard to his authorial success even after he had left high school. However, she never messaged him.

As Donald’s wealth was increasing, however, Elaine started having feelings for him, even though she was still dating Justin. At the same time, however, she could not bear the thought of another girl marrying Donald. It’s amazing how wealth can change the hearts of some people.

One day, Elaine heard that Donald would be spending the summer in the capitol of the country. The capitol of that particular country also happened to be the largest city. This meant that there were more girls, and important ones too. The thought of Donald marrying one of them increased Elaine’s love for him. How she wished that she could get him herself! What if he married the president’s daughter, for example?

Not long afterward, Justin Thorn, her boyfriend, proposed to her and was rejected. She told him that her heart was going in the direction of another person. When he had asked who it was, she replied with a blush, “Donald Springs.”

After a moment of silence, Justin answered in a steady voice, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Donald got married last week.”

Elaine was stunned. All her hopes were dashed to pieces.

“But how come he didn’t announce it on his page?” she asked when she had recovered from that wounding shock.

“You know how much he hates attention,” answered Justin. “I saw him when I was in the capitol last week and he told me all about it. His wife hates attention as well. But I think he’ll announce it when he comes back here.”

After further discussion, Justin left defeated. But Elaine was utterly broken. By this time, her love for Donald had become genuine. She didn’t just love him for his money, but she loved him for who he was. But now? There was no hope of ever winning his love, for it was given to somebody else.

One day in early August, Elaine was invited to a birthday party. A few of her high school friends were also invited. So she accepted the invitation and was the first to arrive.

The second person who arrived at the party was the last person she expected to see there. It was none other than Donald Springs himself!

At first, she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do. Should she greet him? She took a deep breath and approached him.

“Hey, Don. Do you remember me?” she said shyly.

He was smiling before she spoke; but as soon as he heard her voice, the smile was replaced with a heart melting sadness.

“Elaine?” he replied, rather hesitantly.

“Yes,” she responded, happy that he remembered her.

They shook hands and she asked, “How’s your wife?”

“Wife?” he was bewildered.

Just then a group of Elaine’s friends came into the room and the conversation was interrupted. She wished that they hadn’t come. They had prevented Donald from answering a crucial question!

When all the food had been consumed, they decided to go out to the backyard to play some games. Elaine approached Donald and whispered, “Do you mind if we stay here and talk?”

“O not at all,” he whispered back.

When everybody had gone out, Elaine sat beside him and asked, “So how’s your wife?”

“What do you mean?” he asked in bewilderment.

“I heard that you got married,” she said, feeling confused.

Suddenly, a serious look came over his face as he replied, “Elaine, when you rejected me a few years ago, I promised that I would never stop loving you. And I have kept my promise.”

And then it hit her. Justin had lied to her in order to convince her to marry him! At last, Elaine accepted Donald’s love.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 199429. All rights reserved.

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