Third World War 2016

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What brings war is not death but unending chaos in our destiny. Let us avoid this starting something good for others from today. :)

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



Long before humans outreach all capacities of destruction on Mother Earth,

When our policymakers stage an irreducible uncertainity associated from the kind of long-standing issues,

As poverty alleviation will be in its peak periods of challenges,

Still greater is the supply of pure water free from pollutants to every home,

Apart from new findings our vital bio-green lower revenue energy supply model reveals any hardly solution towards daily rising fuel consumption,

Where every instruments of health care aim its sustainable vulnerability,

Fastening low unemployment still becoming a necessity for all inclusive growth,

When every funds in education fails its inadequate skill deficits for our old generation,

Unplanned urbanization and irregular waste management still choking our experience of smart cities,

Only source of food cycle never grow organic farm grains,

A time when history seeks completion of one episode in its birth,

How did this third world war started visibly deficient in the love for humanity when its rebirth tell us the story of this world of ours?

Inhabited interest we read our Earth and grow up imagine no kind of life is so superior than ours within the facinations of Nature's book,

When time read this alphabet in a grain of sand,

How the first living things that existed on an order of a strange force attract the highest type of animal, man, in an early making of this beginning?

What is life when it dies from those we have today shaping the remains of continually changing ecosystem in a fashion never existed in the entire history?

In the old days before man came everything changed their color to protect themselves,

Slowly we are developing a surrounding drying up the pure water source essential for all life forms,

If this secret bury the climate change slowly we will live on a land entirely submerging cities breathing in an air adaptable on for the coming more complicated animals,

Greater will be the change where there will be great deal of waste everywhere inhabitable in any human intelligence and brain power, 

Today this spark has already set fire to a piece of our drawing in a way to the Lordship of the world,

Only the chief difference grew cultivating more special weapons to fight this climate among various races living their own ways in different parts of the world,

Like living near drowned lakes it seems our escape anywhere will have same story to tell,

Such a terrible disaster can be avoided when different mindset innovate and descend all source of their knowledge learnt in many ways for our collective progress,

Gradually I hope one day our surroundings will adapt how our ancestors once lived for this promise we must make now evergreen,

When your children work in this human complextions of our climate change,

We fear global warming let live us in a darkness of rising sea level,

Our ancestor created this earliest race in history without any division in the race and language of one mankind,

Today in highest number and greatest resource share our days own largest relationship of human generation in the entire universe,

One day this language of relationship belong to the same big family,

If we can make our world a happier place to live in,

Today we must try to form this truth of what for our civilization should exist,

On the other side being civilized means our problems must not be the sensible thing to kill each other like this,

Yet this question in human nature to be savage for certain signs reminds us of the formation of every misfortune on this planet,

Our own children must live in a world where the good and bad things has the same name,

I read this in the name of all religions as service for humanity,

How it grew still something to be afraid of when our cooperation and working together may reap this harvest,

One day God started at a time when a hunter was aiming in the world that needed this change,

There were lot of people hoarding for a new game that bought them money or other goods,

It seem curious for God how everyone will be fed to produce just sufficient food,

May be in the economics of this climate change God deposited this cheque for all ever will witness this birth,

Some people became the patriach and so kept savings in the bank,

Poor people who hoarded this journey grew poorer,

Yet people who considered this time grew rich in all gifts,

One day an angel met God and asked why Lord let this begin in the early time on this planet,

God answered how changes in human life came up everything in their society where complications first began,

A little in the old days this angel didnt wanted our children to be lost in the dark,

Angel before light wanted our order to be the most powerful,

So asked God why working in your field organizing every hunt only rest with the hunter for away aiming a price of our dailogue here,

Living among ordinary workers God in our next letter,

Asked the hunter how he developed my account of nothing special to himself,

So God wanted something in this journey in return of sharing like any other member gathered together in this planet,

A hunter who couldnt chose another person alway with the patriach,

Surrendered all his skills used to help him in his work,

God was very surprised how this hunter looked for its next prey,

In return this hunter wanted something in return,

Someone else in this family will be born in this planet,

Who will begin life with all extraordinary life in this planet as time moves on,

In those days when people will work together for this property in your heaven,

Let every successor whom this man succeed excel his best to bring a great deal of doing simple life live an extraordinary experience,

I came from the same tribe here,

So this is my next letter to God,

Reading this note staging how our third world war will be the time we are moving ahead in our fight for all who must live a happy life with every blessing,

Our angel was confused how this will be worked out,

I felt those angels who guide us must make peace in uncertain situations without any war or hatred but love for others must be the seed to be sowed gave this as the lasting challenge always,

Let me hope our angels will be those messengers of God on this planet... :)

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