I See Dead People

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What would you do if you knew something horrible was going to happen and you were the only one with the power to stop it? Would you try to save everyone even at the risk of being called insane?

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



I saw a little girl and her father approaching the door. She couldn't have been more than seven. Young children are so fun to mess with and it had been such a boring day at work.

Oh look, she has a doll, I thought. I think I'll say something silly about her doll. It's pretty funny watching a child's face get all scrunched up in a confused, mad, sort of way when you say something absurd. For example asking a little girl if her Barbie is named Bob will get her all flustered. Little kids take everything adults say seriously so they always think I mean what I say.

Enough daydreaming. I'll have to show the pair to their table now that they're inside.

“Hey there shorty,” I said with a large grin and a cheery tone. I hate doing this, but most every job requires it so I guess I'll have to get over that eventually.

The girl hugged her doll tightly and stayed close to her dad. She perked up when she realized I was talking to her. “That's a nice doll you have,” I said. “What's her name? Caroline?”

I paused for a bit. Caroline. Now why had that name come to mind? I guessed it was just a fairly common girls name. I continued, “...Or maybe her name is Susie or Ma…”

The father interrupted me, “No you were right with the first one. Her doll’s name is Caroline.”

The little girl had a bit of a wide eyed look. She looked at the doll. Then back at me.

The switch in my head finally clicked. This was the day I realized that I am a psychic.


Now I gave you that example so you couldn't just not believe me. I have a much more important story to tell, but I need you to believe me first.

This wasn't the first time I had known something without any possible way of knowing it, nor would it be the last.

I am not the kind of psychic who looks into a crystal ball and tells you your future is ‘gonna be grand’ or ‘filled with riches and happiness.’ No I'm not about that. I also have no control over what I know or when.

Sometimes I just know that I know something. It doesn't happen often. In fact, it hasn't happened since that absolutely horrible day.


I was floating. As I floated I felt only coldness. The light was bright. Bright and… red?

Suddenly I was realized I was falling, not floating. I was falling so slowly it seemed surreal. I saw items falling past me. A book, a piano, a doll. I began thrashing, desperately trying to get hold of something. Only, there was nothing to hold.

There was a deep seed of panic in my stomach. All I saw was brightness, the sky, and random objects. I tried to turn over so I could see the ground but there was no ground to be seen. Only darkness in one direction and light in another.

I couldn't breath. I was too scared. No. It wasn't because I was scared. It's because I was engulfed in water. I was drowning.

Something pulled me towards the light. It was a someone. James. The man I met on the ship. The only one who believed me.

I woke. Terrified. My dream was all too real. I really felt like I was drowning. People say that drowning is a peaceful way to die, but I had never felt less peaceful in my life.

I had to figure out what this meant. I'd never gotten a psychic dream before. Only feelings. But this dream left me with such an awful sense of dread that I knew it was more than just a dream.

I tried to put the pieces together. For weeks I had no other psychic visions or feelings. I just had this dream. Over and over every night. Exactly the same. It had been weeks and I only figured it out when the news headline read, “The Oceanic Begins its Maiden Voyage!”

Everything became clear. The world's largest cruise ship was to set sail. And I was the only one who knew it wouldn't make it home.

I went on the ship to warn the captain that it was going to be hit by lightning. The lighting was to start a fire. The fire would sink the ship. The sinking ship was to have minimal survivors. And I was the only one who knew. But, of course, no one believes someone when they claim to be a psychic.


When I got to the docks they wouldn't let me on the ship because they thought I was spouting crazy nonsense. I had to get on that ship. It really was a matter of life or death.

A man I didn't know came up behind me and laid one arm around my shoulders, “There you are sister! The family’s been looking everywhere for you!” The man looked at the workers and said, “This is my sister, she's on the asylum doctor's orders to go on vacation. He says the sea breeze might help calm her delusions.”

I've never met him… and I don't have a brother so who is…? I thought. It took me a bit, but I caught on. The crew looked skeptical so I decided to play along, “Brother, is that you? Why isn't you skin blue, like the sea?” The crew definitely believed I was crazy, but I'm still not sure they believed the man's story. My ‘brother’ showed his paperwork and said I had lost mine. In any case, they allowed us to pass.

When we were out of earshot I turned and looked at the man. He had thick black hair and broad shoulders. He was handsome. I was glad he wasn't my brother. “Thank you for the help, but why did you help me? Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is James and I helped you because your story is absolutely absurd,” he replied in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

I gave him a confused look.

He continued, “Your story is so absurd that it must be true. You can't make up that kind of crazy.”

He ended up helping me for three days of the cruise until we finally snuck in to see the captain. He also thought I was a raving lunatic and refused to change course, saying they had a strict schedule to keep and could not veer from it. Lives were at stake! How could I possibly convince him?

James had a brilliant idea, “What if you don't convince him, but everyone else on the ship? If you can convince the people aboard maybe their panicking will make the captain see reason.”

I was hopeful about his plan, but the awful feeling in my stomach just kept growing. James and I did end up convincing people, but the captain remained unwavering. The ship stayed on course and my dream came true.


Well, you know where I ended up. Nearly drowning, saved by James, in one of the few life boats. Of all people, why did I survive? I could have stopped this disaster and I failed. All those people died because of me.

I haven't had any psychic feelings or visions since the ship went down. Maybe it's because I stopped believing a bit. Maybe it's because some higher up power made a divine decision that I didn't put my supernatural knowledge to good use. Maybe I really am crazy.

I'm not entirely sure why I told you this story. I think it just might be so I can have some reassurance that I'm not insane and that everything isn't my fault. James is the only one still trying to do that. He's been very good at trying to keep me sane and hopeful. I think without him, I would be crazy.

I almost miss being a psychic. Almost. No one has looked at me like I'm nuts in a while. Besides, I'm not sure I deserve that power.

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