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This was done as a profile for a friend to use on a chat/role play site. Like many of the profiles I have done I always thought it could be expanded into a short story

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



I was the third child of Baron and Baroness Winshar.  My oldest brother was to inherit the title and family estates and my older sister had been married off to cement a deal to increase our family's position.  So my parents had left me to my own devices and only required that I not marry below my station.  I meet Duke James Carberry at a party my parents had thrown for my 14th birthday.  He was my senior by 12 years.  I fell in love with him the second I saw him and tried everything I could to attract his attention.  From that day on I made sure he was invited to all the parties we had and worked hard to make sure I was invited to any party he was attending.  When I turned 16 my parent throws me another huge party and James noticed me.  He danced almost every dance with me.  We had a whirlwind romance which ended with me marrying him.  We ended up living in his ancestral castle that was on a hill overlooking a little village.  We had 3 years of happiness before the darkness enter our lives.


Something stalked the village at night killing the villagers, eating their flesh.  James hired more men-at-arms to defend the village but all that did was give this beast more victems.  This continued for almost a year when a little boy survived an attack but he was in a coma and nobody thought he would awaken.  I prayed every night for his recovery and the capture of the beast, little did I know that my wishes would lead to my greatest heart break.  The boy did awake long enough to tell that the creature that was attacking people was the Duke, my dear James.  The villagers banded together and stormed the castle.  My husband's loyal servants and men-at-arms joined them.  James was dragged from our bed and to the court yard.  He fought them but in the end he was beaten down.  They beheaded him and burned his body.


The little boy lived long enough to tell an investigator from the King of his attack and soon after he died of an infection.  My dear James had been a monster all along but had fought his urges for my sake until he couldn't any longer.  I was named the new Duchess and the King confirmed my new position and title.  I was lost and lonely in the large castle and spent hours just wandering the long empty chambers.  The castle was very old and hadn't been maintained very well among the main problems was an outside set of wooden stairs had rotted and collapsed.  I found the door to this collapsed stair case one day and was standing in it looking out when something happen.  I was alone, but I swear I felt somebody push me.


My existence doesn’t end with my death; I was trapped in my rotten corpse.  I don’t know how long I was trapped unable to move my body, but trapped in it.  I was just about insane when I finally escaped my rotten corpse.

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