A wolfen

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part of this was done for a profile in a role play/chat site, then I started to expand upon it.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016




Two legs call me Wild but that isn’t my wolf name.  Wolf names are a combination of images, smells, taste, and feelings.  Mine is the smell of an icey wind blowing out of the mountains over a frozen lake.  It is the sight of falling snow dancing on that icey wind.  It is the taste of the icey wind and the feeling of excitement you get as you chase a rabbit across the frozen lake.  But it is also so much more then mere words can convey.


They came for me on horse back carrying fire and smoke sticks.  They spread out and drove me before them.  I felt the sting as tiny ball of death grazed my hind leg.  I dodged to the left then to the right trying to avoid their shots.  The forest was just ahead of me and I made for it hoping to lose them in the dense under growth.  I was almost to the forest when more two legs appeared out of it.  One throw a net that I easily avoided, but then 3 more were in the air and I had no chance to escape.  With a growl I gnawed at the net that caught me.  The two legs approached and one swung a stick at me.  I growled and they all began hitting me.


I awoke in a cage, my body hurt.  I sniffed around; it smelled of dog and man.  I pushed against the bars, but they didn’t move.  I was trapped, I had been warned but I couldn’t resist my urge so now I pay.  But I still had one trick left

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