Midnight Star

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Originally written for a friend for her girl friend's role play profile they had a falling out and I'm not sure it ever was used. I'm not into writing romance, but see the potential of this.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



I was born Alisa Star, but as I got older I got into the goth scene and became Midnight Star.  It started with the books about vampires, I loved them especially ones that had female vampires or vampiresses in them.  Then the movies I would just about drool watching a movie with a vampiress in them.  Oh I had known for a long time I was attracted to woman, but this was something more.  I would dream about being with a vampiress when I slept.  I could never see the face but her I saw her soft pale skin.


After I graduated from high school I took a job at night hoping that it would give me a chance to meet a vampiress.  Weeks then monthes went by and still no vampiress.  1 year then 2 slipped by as I awaited her to find me.  I became desperate and ran ads in the personal and meet a lot of freaky people but no true vamps. 


Heart broken and hopeless I gave up my dream.  I excepted a promotion to daylight and became just another cog in the machine of society.  My life passed with nothing to mark the passage of time except more candles on my birthday cake.


I was in my favorite seat in the local watering hole, O'Malley's when she entered.  Her asian features and long raven hair was exotic enough, but her skin was pale like she had never seen the sun.  She wore a leather jacket with a red and gold dragon down the left sleeve.  Her pants were leather and so tight I thought they had to be painted on her.  Her boots were like something from a pirate movie.  The total picture had me drooling if only in my mind.


She walked over and sat next to me without asking.  She ordered red wine and then turned to me.  Her eyes were as strange as the rest of her, a deep dark purple that appeared to be almost black.  When she smiled her teeth were so white and perfect, but a small part of me was disappointed to see no fangs.


We talked until O'Malley's closed that first night and the next night I went back even thou we hadn't discussed meeting up again that night.  Again she walked in and all eyes followed her to the table I had staked out earlier.  I quickly signaled Frank behind the bar and he brought over her red wine.  For almost a month we meet every night for drinks and to talk.  Our conversations ran the gambit of subjects, but she had a way of getting me to talk about myself.  Then one night as we were leaving the bar she leaned close and in her soft almost seductive voice asked me did I want to go to her place.


I didn't expect to be whisked away by magic when I nodded fearing my voice wouldn't work.  It had felt like my body was being torn apart and then jammed together again.  The pain only lasted for a second, but it was beyond imagining.  I found myself in a large room that was setup as part bedroom part dungeon.  When I turned to my friend who I relieved that I had never learned the name of I couldn't believe my eyes, she had fangs like two ivory stakes they protrude below her other teeth.


I am still mortal as I write this but Selena, Selena Deathstalker is the name she uses, has promised that soon she will turn me and make my dream come true.  We share her bed and thou we return to the bar every now again she has begun to show me the world.  I have grown used to being teleported thou I still feel the pain the thrill of going to a new location always over rides my fear of the pain.


Selena has told me that she had been watching me for years, sensing my desire to meet a vampiress when I was young.  At first she held off because of my age, then because she was unsure if that was what I truly wanted.  She had waited and watched as I slowly lost hope.  She said that she had thought of approaching me then, but decided to let me go on without my dream to observe my reaction.  It was when I was at my lowest that she had finally decide to approach me not as a vampiress but as an exotic but still mortal woman.  She had fallen in love with me over the years of watching me and now she wanted to be sure I would love her for her and not because she was the vampiress I always dreamed about.



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