Little Brown Moth

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Story about a little brown moth who flew to the sun.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



There once was a moth who was very plain. He had a plain brown coat with stubby antennas and when he flew, it was with a loud buzz and no elegance.

Other moths had wings of snowy white, midnight black, beautiful stripes, and even colored spots. Their wings were as quiet as the wind and flapped gracefully at all times. When he saw his fellow moths, with their beautiful coats, the little brown moth did not mind. He liked their coats and complimented them every day but the other moths didn't like him. They shunned him and pushed him away.

"You don't belong", they said, "You will just make our beautiful coats look bad."

This made the little brown moth sad but he thought they were right, so he flew by himself.

Now, it so happened that there was a little light near the moth's home. Just like his fellow moths, the light was beautiful. It shone and flickered and gave off a happy, warm feeling. Every night, the light turned on and all the moths would flock around it. The little brown moth had always wanted to touch the light just once, but the other moths pushed him away and didn't let him get close.

Every day, the brown moth would curl up and sleep in his tree and every night, he would wake up to see the beautiful moths around the light. Just like the beautiful coats of his friends, the little brown moth admired the light from afar.

"Someday", the brown moth told himself, "someday I'll be able to touch the light."

On one particular night, the moth waited until everyone had left. When no one was looking, he buzzed toward the light but before he could reach it, the light suddenly shut off. The little brown moth was heartbroken. He flew back to his tree and began to cry.

"I must really not be allowed to touch the light", he thought sadly as slow tears slid down his face.

Suddenly, the moth felt a slow warmth spread across his back. He turned around to look and found the most miraculous sight he had ever seen. Right behind him was the brightest light he could imagine. The little brown moth was shocked. He watched as the light slowly grew and flew higher and higher.

Forgetting his tiredness, the moth slowly spread his wings and began to buzz his way to the light. This time he would touch it for sure.

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