Flaw Less

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Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



Now I have been living in a mental asylum,

My dome was a rock, and the time was lying,

Then Jerusalem salvaged the rest of my mind from,

The air scattered dispersed like gas particles body inert,

But now thoughts alert, living through the perpetual hurt,

The sensual touch of her sensitized my mind to her high,

Now I rely on her, blindly walking on a circus rope arms tied behind me,

But I felt like I found my way, displacing my stress nothin can dissuade my faith,

Ima lift my chin up and create my fate,

Inhale the constant hate, even if my flaws maul my body till I fall,

Even if I have to crawl, I will not bawl I'll stall with my energy within the beast,

And penetrate deep in the world seek to unfurl and find the right girl,

Find the right dreams, find the right light to help my sight gleam,

Like a yes mans veneer teeth, I will unleash my peace,

Will not use the piece, because I believe in positivity,

My agility will help me succeed in unmeasurable heights and depths,

I think I've gone in depth, I should just filter the pest,

That lets my eyes cry and makin my life a mess,


Because I'm not flawless,

But I wanna flaw less, 

I wanna flaw less, 

I wanna flaw less, 

I'm not flawless,

But I wanna flaw less

I wanna flaw less

I wanna flaw less

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