The Dark Bird Murder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A dark piece of my mind, in poetry.

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016




I am the knife, slowly moving down your body

I am the sharp pain, awakening your senses

You're the sheep, a victim and a nobody

You're the flesh, the stone my claws sharpen

I'll tear away your scent, to forget it

I'll break your words, to forgive me

You'll be no more, a raven of the flock

You'll be a single number, nevermore

The daring twists, the silent prayer

The crimson lake of three layers

The holy words, the wicked smile

And the eyes of the owl, oh so vile


Quiet night, oh the black chariot awaits

Among the sinners one of hope arises

A matriarch fighting to change fate

A fighter, unbroken and faceless

To the world you are one, to us you are all

To them three you are the world, don't fall

The knife awaits, oh so quietly

But the teal ribbon sits silently

Forgive us sinners, and all we've done

But I've never once felt regret, nevermore

Have you seen my beating heart?

Don't you recall? It was ripped apart


For you are the dark raven, a messenger

And I have a blank page to send

You are the raven, the beautiful stranger

And I invited you to my own hell

You united the threads of creation

Making art out of disaster and damnation

Rejoice all who see, for the test I've failed

Now the scavengers are closing in, without fail

I killed the dark bird, stabbed it's heart

With lies, deception and promises that were false

The great raven sits, in a maple tree hidden

And I'm a monster who can't be forgiven


My claws rip apart everything I touch

And the raven is no exception

I killed many a thousand, or such

In my mind only two matter, my destruction

The raven fly's away, to shield itself

For the wolf had almost ripped off it's wings

And the matriarch stands alone and unbroken

Sad from so many wounds, her wrath awoken

The wounds inflicted by the monster are deep

And his actions not one to forgive

Foul beast that killed the beautiful raven

Now suffer in a cage, until you recreate it's essence





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