iki steak house

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Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



Iki Steak House


It was half past six on Halloween. I had just finished setting up the tent  at the camping site, ready to meet my parents and make dinner in the forest on Halloween. However, when we arrived, we found that there was a restaurant, which we had never seen before.


We found ourselves at the threshold of Iki Steak House. It had a common concrete floor, a dim chandelier on the ceiling, and wooden tables and chairs. A waiter greeted us and invited us to the waiting area since we did not have a reservation. After a good five minutes of waiting, I was starving, and just before I was about to leave, the manager walked towards us. He seemed to be in his forties, with little but coal hair, and wore a pair of glasses and a casual suit. He stood at the reception desk and looked at mother and then at me, checking us with his glasses on. I averted my eyes as soon as his and mine met. I looked up again and he began to walk towards me.

“Good evening!” He said with enthusiasm.

“Hi,” I replied politely.

“I am terribly sorry that you two have been waiting for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone is leaving anytime soon.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

“Would you like to enjoy our wonderful food in one of the private dining rooms?” The manager suggested.

“That would be great. We’ll definitely give it a shot.” I said.


The manager smiled and left.  My parents and I were so starving that we could even finish a bull in an hour. All we wanted was to get a table and start digging in, so some extra bucks did not bother us at all.The private room was small but rather delicate, with plants, a nice round wooden table with four chairs, and a loveseat. We sat down. I was too hungry to eyeball everything on the menu, so I convinced my parents that we should all have the chef’s choice – Signature Mixed meat Shawarma. Our food finally came and I started shoving the whole thing in my mouth. However, the meat never tasted palatable, but almost flavorless with an unpleasant odor, which I did not appreciate at all.


“Mom, how do you like your Shawarmas?” I asked my mom.

“Great! This is the best Shawarma I’ve ever had,” mom replied, chewing and covering her mouth. My mother always had a unique taste. She used to mix yogurt with cereals and oatmeal, and mix salad with milk, so I was not too surprised to hear her comment on our dinner.


Maybe, because of the irritating smell, or the tasteless food, or the fact that I ate too much or too fast, I was feeling slightly sick. When I was on my way to the washroom, I saw a man and a couple complaining to the manager, because they had a same reservation number thirteen, as shown on the cards in their hands. The manager gave the man the table and pulled the couple to the side.


“My apologies. I am so sorry for the mistake, and I’d love to offer a free upgrade to our private dining rooms…” I heard the manager sweetening the couple.


By the time I entered the washroom, I did not feel so sick anymore, probably because the walk allowed me to digest what I ate. Just before I was about to leave the washroom after washing my hands, I saw a rat running into a hole at the corner of there with a finger in its mouth. It must be a finger of a doll, I thought to myself. That toy finger looked so real, and I couldn’t stop thinking how much it cost for kids these days to get those high quality toys; they should have learned how to be responsible with their belongs instead of leaving the toys everywhere.


I returned to the room, finding my mom and dad finishing off the last few bites of the Shawarma. I sat down and found it harder to breathe, so I called the manager over to complain about the air, and he suggested turning on the independent air conditioning for the room to get some fresh air. After a few minutes the air smelled better. It smelled like a mixture of vanilla and cake. However, after a while, I felt even worse, so I left the room and went to the washroom again.


I threw up in there. When I returned to the room, my mom and dad were gone and our plates had been taken away. They probably went to the washroom too because they ate too much, since I heard a door slam while I was in there.  So, I decided to wait for them. However, they were taking a strangely long time. Since my mom and dad always enjoyed a cigarette after dinner, I told myself not to worry. My vision started to become blurry, and I felt like lying in the loveseat for a while, and it was then I had a bizarre dream.


I was running in a rain forest, trying to run away from a group of savages who were chasing me. One of the savages looked awfully like the restaurant manager. I ran and ran. I ran for so long that I could not feel my legs running anymore, and I began to slow down. At one point I lost all my strength and fell on the ground, unable to control my movement. The savages caught up to me, and the “manager” carried me into his cave and tied me up to a rock table. I turned my head to the left and saw one of the savages sharpening his stone knife. I then turned to my right and saw my mom facing me with her left arm cut off, dead, and my dad in the corner, also dead. I started to struggle, but I could not move even one inch. I leaned my head back and I saw a frog, looking at me upside down. It was such a horrible dream, and I wanted to wake up, but I could not, because I heard an annoying and distracting noise made by the frog.  It was not croaking at all, but making a noise that sounded like the siren of a police vehicle.


Finally, I woke up and found myself lying in what appeared to be a bed in Vancouver General Hospital. A police officer was waiting beside the bed, looking at me calmly. I was told that the police shut down Iki Steak House and arrested the manager and his staff for slaughtering humans, but I was the only survivor of my family. I raised my head, tried to ask him something, but only found myself speechless.


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