Clandestine spouse

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Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



Shivering intensely, she awoke in a start and sat up whilst rubbing her sides, trying to keep warm.
Her awful sleeping posture had managed to drag herself away from the warmth of the combination from the comfy futon and the embrace of her beloved husband.
Tapping around the futon in dim light, she sought the sleeping figure that slept beside her before she passed out from fatigue.

"Dear?" she whispered to the air, expectant of a snort or snore.
She tried to gather her bearings, like a navigator relying on stars, she found the switch of the nightlight.

Flipping it 'on', she pray it doesn't wake him up, worried it might affect his performance at work the following day.
The nightlight sent rays of light that permeate her surrounding, helping her make out the room slightly. 
No sign of hubby in the cold room, she frowned at the situation.
"Hmm?" She tapped her finger on the switch, no blanket, no heater, no hubby.
Curious of her missing spouse, she yawned and rubbed her eyes.
"Honey?", adapting her eyes to the dark room, she noticed that there were sounds coming from the living room.
"Honey?", her voice cracked weakly, attempting to fight building desperation and slight fear from the noise.
Carefully, she swings the door wide, light peers in lending vision on the mirror beside her , revealing a women in her late twenties, pale looking from the poor lighting, her light brown gown reaching her knees, she stared at herself, making a tired face.
She jumps, rushes back into the futon, hugging the blanket tighter, forcing the down feathers apart.
"Honey? Answer me will ya?", she cries out, trying her best to calm herself.
"What?", a voice replies, a very deep voice, deeper than her husband's.
She grows stiff from the unfamiliar voice.
"Ya hear something blanc?", the voice continues.
"Shhh!" another slightly higher pitched one joins in, the voice of a female.
She steels herself, as two sets of footstep creaked towards the room.
They are coming! She pinched herself in the thighs releasing herself from stupor.
Remembering her husband's words, she moved swiftly yet softly, making her way across the room, stepping lightly towards the cupboard, she opened the undergarments section and dug for a metal object within it, feeling its weight on her fingertips she lifted it and dived back into the futon, hiding beneath the blanket, with an small opening for sight.
"Hey blanc, I heard it again, I think there's someone in the room..."
Interrupted again by his female friend, the world felt silent again.
A few seconds later, the door's hinge creaked loudly.
Two sillhouettes blocking the light from the corridor.
*Phutt phutt phutt*
The Submachine gun whistles rapidly, the integrated silencer on it's nozzle spraying bullets of devastation at the two figures.
Flailing their hands wildly, the two figures started dancing madly, their bodies jerking about before the ending crash.
After a total of 32 bullets fully expended from her husband's MP5, the door and hallway are now laid in a swiss cheese ruin.
Blood splattered everywhere.
She drops the gun and grips her chest.
Such devastation had riled her nerves throughly.

The next thought that entered her mind was her husband's smiling face, comforting her with praises of her effort at the shooting range.
She picked herself up, dragging the MP5 along, towards the drawer she found it.
She emptied the drawer, revaling a trap door within, she proceeds to flip it over, revealing several magazines tapped to the bottom of the drawer.
She reloaded the weapon, then makes her way around the bloody mess into the hallway.
Expendables... was what her husband always said.
Even so, it was her favourite door, having to pick out the now swiss-cheesed mahogany door had took her hours at the furniture store.
She really loved that door...
Shouting a few curses silently in her mind, she relieves a little of the stress building up within her.
Keeping calm, her mind focuses on the highest priority; Finding him.
She makes her way into the kitchen, which was not supposed to be brightly lit, moving while crouching down to avoid attention, she enters the balcony, gritting her teeth as her muscles burn in aching effort to move silently.
They must have heard the shots, no matter how good the silencers were, the cracking and splintering of the door was undeniably loud.
They will be expecting whoever that made the noise to come flying into the kitchen, but little do they know there is another entrance, that is, from the window that connects the bedroom with the kitchen.
She lifts her head above the grates, peering into the kitchen, 3 armed men were surrounding him, a fat one, a slim one, and a short one.
She dives back down, as soon as one of them spoke.
"Who do you think it is boss? Reinforcements?"
"Who would want to rescue this son of a bitch?"
"Nope, no one comes up in my mind..."
"Yea me too..."
"Anywhoo, just fucking pull the trigger if anything happens alright..."
Furious, she then prepares herself for the attack.
These men come into our house, and start kidnapping my hubby, they are so dead.
She picks up one of the clothes peg on the balcony, and threw it towards the entrance of the kitchen.
Instantly, rifle rounds were unloaded, probably blowing her brains out if she came through the entrance. 
All at once, their rifles stop firing and clicking sounds of 3 empty magazines filled the room.
She took that as the signal, then stepped up and pulled her trigger at the three men.
All three laid stone cold, dead on the ground, with their bodily secretions everywhere.
She made her way back to the bedroom, then into the kitchen.
Untying her shivering husband she un-gagged the poor fellow, drenched in the blood of the bastards who held him captive.
Before any form of communication could be formed, she kissed the man she loved dearly.
After the quick smooch, her husband looked deep into her eyes, and said,.
"Dear, this may be a little sudden, but we need to torch the house..." 
With her husband now safe and sound, she replied confidently,
"Lets go get the gasoline honey"

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