Camping With a Funnel!

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The REAL reason!

Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



Poetry purist? Keep moving!


Ah, the freedom of camping in great outdoors,

peace, serenity, one-with-nature, and smores.


Screw all that, let's get down to brass tacks,

the real reason you're here is the beer in your pack!


Let's be real, your nagging wife is driving you up the wall.

 Cell phone off so you won't have to answer her call.


You mention something about 'camping with the guys',

cause you figured telling the truth wouldn't be very wise.


On the way here you bought a funnel at an auto parts place,

so you could fit 3 or 4 brews at once in your gasping face!  


'pop!' goes the top to 1,2,3,4--the peace and quiet

is shattered by gagging and what sounds like a throat riot,


as you attempt not to fast-fill your windpipe with an alcohol flood

and after 3 funnels full, you hit the ground with a 'thud!'


Congratulations, you set out to block out your miserable reality,

and you more than succeeded--you're out of it, mentally AND physically!

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