Ted Bundy

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Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



Nothing in life is promised except death,

The reaper reeks his scent on your feeble neck,

You can't escape your fate you'll have sleepless rest,

There will always be a cold hearted son of bitch,

Lurking in the mist razor eyes slit like wrists,

A traitor of humanity some might even call him sick,

Human life is like a change of clothes; replaceable,

Phasing through personalities like a miracle,

A sociopath on the path of constant bloodbaths,

Always acting on his instincts by intrinsically plucking at his evil instrument,

In 1000 inches nothing can indent his intent,

Ten times more insane and trained to cause pain than hurricanes,

Nothing can stop me even electrocution straight to my brain,

My legacy has legs and breathes people will always follow me,

Im Ted Bundy the staple for the evil side of humanity,

I will wreck havoc in society until no one remembers me, which is a complete fantasy

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