The chronicles of Laqua

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A young orphan teen struggle in the harsh lands of Laqua and finally becomes a great man in Laqua.He fights against vampires using supernatural forces and tries to save Laqua,while the queen is buisy fucking with her boyfriend and king Amos does not know of her act.

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Submitted: April 28, 2016

Chapter 1

Once upon a time,in a land far far away ,there lived a happy and small kingdom called Laqua ,made up of very nice and kind people who lived happy lives,sharing and caring for each other,little did they know what was on the way.This kingdom was like any other made up of the royals,middle class and peasants.Here,there lived a small boy called Bryde Enoh who was an orphan and had a little brother to take care of.One day Bryde went in search of food in the forest as usual,he had been in the forest harvesting fruits when he heard voices of people.He traced the voices and then to his greatest supprise after arriving to the place where the voice seem to have originated from,he saw no living creature,but could point out that there are people around.Then he felt his body getting weak and suddenly blackout

Chapter 2

In Laqua,the king ruling is Amos and the queen is Amia,they have a beautiful daughter Star.For the past 2 days Johnny 13 year old of age have not seen his brother and had searched to no avail.He out of desperation ran to the king for help but was immediately dismissed for he was a poor and last class orphan.
News started reaching the king of people dying very frequently and reports saying they just dry up and turn into dust.King Amos then called on all his magicians and doctors to research on the issue but none of them could explain what is going on.Then he decided to consult the oracle.King Amos set out with his convoy to the tops of mt.Laqua in search of the great oracle.After 13 hours of travel,they finally got there,a very strange looking place and frightening with dark caves.Then an old and very ugly looking man appeared behind them"You have come to seek for answers due to the evil present in your kingdom!".King Amos and his knights were so confused because they taught he did not even know they were coming but one of the knights said"How do you know of our coming? And I hope we are welcomed and will be pleased if you fulfill our wish".The ugly face man look at them with a twisted face which made one of the nights vomit and said "I am Baricka,the oracle of the god of star and I wish I could help you but I can't ,but the great god of star will anoint a chosen one to redeem you from your pain". King Amos and his convoy returned back to the palace disappointed and with all hopes lost.

Chapter 3

Bryde suddenly got up in a temple surrounded by men all in red ,he tried to run but could not leave the circle he was in,he was very furious when one of the men who seemed to be the head said to him"don't be afraid my child for you are in save hands".Bryde stopped panicking.After 30 minutes of chants Bryde felt his soul left his body and back and he fell down and saw a pillar of cloud in front of him and it spoke to him and told him that he had a great destiny and needs to be careful or else it will not be fulfilled,the pillar of cloud rendered on him the various powers;Teleportation,fire bender,water bender,mind reader and also the power to heal the sick.Bryde accepted his call and after 3 months of preparation he returned to Laqua and couldn't wait to see his brother wondering if he had died.In Laqua johnny was very pail and in vain and when he saw his brother he was very happy because he had gone through multiple rape by older ladies since he was good looking.

Chapter 4

Bryde had always admired princess Star even though it would have been murder if he dare's to get close to her,so he could not do anything but consider that a fantasy.The pace of dried up people being found had greatly increased over the past few weeks in which Bryde had been absent.One day Bryde saw a shadow moving into a house but ignored it but when he went after some hours it was reported that everyone in that house had dried up.Then Bryde went home in and told johnny and when johnny told him it could be vampires,he laughed and dismissed the topic.
Laqua continued to live in terror and Bryde started getting guilty for not helping the kingdom for he was the choosen one,but anyone found practicing witchcraft will be avoided and he wanted his life to be that of an ordinary 19year old but he could not stand and see people dying because he feared of what people will think of him and so decided to start fighting the evil forces.

Chapter 5

Queen Amia who was considered to be very wicked and manipulative by the people of Laqua did not care of how many people died after all with all the guards,she and her royal family is safe.Queen Amia was also a perverse queen fighting against perverse people.She had a boyfriend who was a palace guard,for a long period of time they have not enjoyed each other and so on this fateful day she ran into the guard and in the look on their faces they had not noticed how much they missed each other until they met."My lady I have missed you so much,I miss your fetish and soft sexy slim figure 8,not to go to the boobs,I was in hell not to be able to press the milk out of them"cried Bake,with those sweet words the queen immediately replied"I am already wet,trust me,I miss that your 11 inch item that take me to heaven and back.I think we should go to a room before I burst of lust".They then went into the room and Bake without hesitation tore the Queen's dress and flung her unto the bed.She landed like a jet plane with her backside exposed and left for Bake to take control.Bake with the speed of light removed his belt and his palace guard skirt flung down and his penis popped out.With the sight of his big black dig,the queen almost fainted because she knew she was in trouble.Bake moved towards the queen and rubbed his dick around her vagina wondering why it had gotten so tight.He ensured he stroke the clitoris and the queen could not wait for him to get in for she was getting impatient.Bake noticed and then inserted the 11 inch and the queen cried for mercy .Neba then developed a steady rhythm and fucked the queen to near dead.After they were both satisfied,they saw johnny standing at the door with his hands on his mouth.Befor they could say a thing he had disappear into thin air.

Chapter 6

"Bryde you will not believe me if I told you what I saw today,I was sent by one of the cooks to deliver some tea to the queen and went I got there,I saw her having sex with a guard ", said Johnny immediately he met his brother.Bryde believed and now knew the queen is perverse even though she crucify perverse people but had no time for that at the moment because he is trying to fix a big problem here,he is getting suspicious that it is vampires who cause all the trauma in the kingdom.He then set out to catch one and be sure and so he set a trap of a fat cow in the kingdom square and stood a distance so he will able to have a good view of what will happen.He did this in the night and knew it is a good trap because fat cow has a lot of blood.To his greatest dismay after just 45 minutes of waiting he saw a very fast human figure come towards the cow and began to dry it up by drinking all its blood and other bodily fluids.With a flush of anger Bryde used his powers given to him for the first time.He used fire to burn down both of the cow and the strange figure,the figure escaped but Bryde teleported him self,appeared in front of it and dealt with it using his magic.The figure then turn whitish and fell down and with all signs,it had lost its life and so Bryde went near and viewed the creature and it turns out that it is a vampire and Johnny was right on his guess.

Chapter 7

Bryde decides to report it to king Amos but on his arrival the palace guard with the help of the queen had claimed the death of the vampire to be his doing and was greatly rewarded by his position being improved to a knight of Laqua.Amos was very disappointed and was leaving the palace when he met with his fantasy which was princess Star.Princess star saw the look on Bryde's face and being a kind and caring girl asked him why he looked so troubled."I am just having a bad day"said Bryde.After discussing for a while he left the palace and went home kissed his brother and asked him to take care of himself then left for the evil. Read Chapter