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Submitted: April 29, 2016

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What hurts the most, being alone or being lonely?
?At times in our lives we should make ourselves this question and try to find our own answer, know where we really are and what are the expectations we are building.

Pulling it apart its quite simple: being alone is most of the times a choice, just be somewhere without any other person or being. Just be.
?Being lonely it's not usually a choice and it can happen even when we are surrounded by a crowd of people... It's a deep feeling of being alone inside and before we can understand what is going on it already swallowed us alive.
?How irrational is this? Even feeling it clearly we still try to tell ourselves it's not that bad, it's not really like that and it's going away by itself but it's not! It gets bigger and bigger and deeper and more hurtful every moment with every breath the air feels heavier...

The silence beneath all the voices around... the heaviness of the non existence of comprehension, of the smile that covers the tear that lies in the corner of the lip. The tiredness of forcing ourselves to understand where we did wrong...
?The muffled scream of a troubled soul that only eager for a true smile of understanding and support.

?Why we let ourselves be lonely? It's like standing in front of a spear that will certainly hit us many many times without a trace of guilt for the pain it's causing. It doesn't kill but it leaves deep injuries that will hurt forever.

?Sometimes out of any remaining strengths after the loneliness beat us to the ground we finally decide to be alone.
?Why not? Silence is more bearable when it's the absence of sound...

?Emotions can't be rational so we keep asking ourselves this irrational feelings and trying to feel part of something in this world when all we needed was an understanding lap where we could lye our heads and go home...


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