the vault

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prolouge

Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Submitted: April 28, 2016



I felt others pressed against me. Screams echo as the cage rocked back and forth. Why bother trying to get out? I thought miserable. Even when we had an idea, it never worked out. People panicked and dashed to get the plan to work. I tried to block at the screams and rush of feet, but I couldn’t, I never was able to. Then suddenly it stopped, everyone backed against the cage but it wouldn’t fall back. I turned my head and saw a figure. He was very tall. Someone pulled me into the mush of girls huddled together. The man opened the cage and no one dashed forward. He grabbed a young girl, around the age of 10 or so. We leaped forward and grabbed her arm as he pulled her leg.

“Stop, right now!” His deep, dark voice boomed over us and we released her. Her sister dashed to grab her but we had to hold her back. Whispers spread around and cries could be heard all around. I huddled in a corner of the cage. I felt the cold metal against my skin. I shivered, but for what? Fear? Or the cold? I didn’t care. A sleek young girl with wavy blonde hair walked to me and sat down. She sat next to me sobbing into my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her, in a comforting hug. She just lost her sister to those monsters. Soon the rocking began again but no one had the energy to try and escape. Girls were crying on others. Who would be next? They mumbled to one another. I felt a liquid run down my cheek. I placed a finger below my eye. I was crying. Why was I crying? I felt hollow and empty. Why was I crying?


Prologue Part 2

Ruby's Pov

Tears fell so quickly and I screamed at the top of my lungs. He didn’t stop or look back at me. He was dragging me by my foot. What was going to happen to me? Deep down I knew the answer. I was going to die or I would be lucky. But only 1 out of 20 ever survive whatever they do to you. I looked at My arm where so many held onto me. Their nails left scars in my skin. I shivered in fear. I felt the cold ground. My poor sister. I wailed loudly. He left me on a table and tied me down. So cold….

“Thank you, this shall be just perfect.” I heard a man’s voice say. “Well hello, now say your name please?” He asked nicely. I stared into his eyes. I expected to see warmth in his eyes but it was hollow and cold.

“R-Ruby.” I said, my voice trembling. He stared back and a very creepy smile came across his face. He turned around and walked to a counter. He opened a drawer and shuffled around. He put on 3 layers of gloves. What is he doing? He turned around. He was carrying a very rusty knife. He walked towards me and I tried to escape. He came closer and covered my mouth with a clean rag. He then shoved the rusty knife into my eye. My screams were muffled. I felt blood go down my cheek. I started to black out but before I did I heard a voice. “Hello, Ruby. I’m Dr.

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