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Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



And she said
will you marry me?

And he thought
it was a joke
like she was
having him on
some jest thing
so he said
sure bring it on
and how many
kids you want?

And she said
at least four
I mean need to have
two boys and two girls

and he said
what just the four
why not six or more?

and she said
let's get married first

and he thinking it
still a jest said
sure you name the date
and I'll be there

and she said
ok when is best for you?

And he thinking it over
thought when was best
for a laugh
have to avoid
football match days
and the horses
need to avoid
the big run days
and the snooker guys
there was a few games
coming up
and he needed to be there
as he was one
of their best players

how about a Friday?
she said

not a good day for me
he said
I have darts practice
that day for the Saturday
matches in the evenings

she frowned
when then?
She said

when what?
he said

when we getting married?

you serious?
He said

of course I am
she said
what have we been
talking about if not marriage

he said
thought you were
kidding me Honey
thought it was just a jest

she put on her poker face
and walked off
and he watched her go
and she had a nice
wiggling ass
shame she wanted marriage
and he had to let it pass

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