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this litlle script mainly focusses on change

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



What really is this change? Change is just a powerful process in life that can transform something from one state to another.

Change is something that we see in everyday life. Each and every day people try to create change with what they do, some with what they say and some with what they think. Even though change can be elusive. You may try to create a change to something but you find that you are not able to change it.

In life there are some things that will never change, Some goes in singles and some goes in couples. First things first, there will always be 24 hours of a day, 7 Days of a week, 4-5 weeks of a month and 12 months of a year. Furthermore, the clock will never stop ticking, the earth will never rest. Were there is bad there is good, where there is sadness there is happiness, where there are lies there is the truth and finally where there is life there is death. In fact, there is only one way in life that we will all pass by. No one can run away from it or change direction. It simply has three stages: YOU'RE BORN, YOU LIVE, YOU DIE. It will always remain like that and nothing will ever change.

Although there are things that will never change, but there are some that will always change. We can experience change in people everyday. For example, people's feelings, they change just like climatic conditions. You may think that today is going to be a sunny day but you find it being a cloudy day. You may think that today is not going to rain but you find it is raining in the next few minutes. You will never know when people are going to be happy and when are they going to get angry.

According to what I see every day, the life that we will live in the future is going to be different from the life that we live today provided that the life that we live today is different from the one that we lived in the past. But who knows? They say you will never know what is around the corner. Maybe this things will change, but I guess we will never know. We will always have too many questions to ask and we will always get one fantastic unexpected answer: ONLY GOD KNOWS!

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