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An alien crashed his ship in Alaska, and his remains quickly salvaged by Dr. Hiro Nagawa, an astro-physicist. He's now searching for a human female with mitochondrial Eve, the Mother DNA of all human species!! He intends to fertilize the eggs with the sperms of the alien. Things take a strange twist, as Dr. Hiro progresses with his plan...

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



The lab’s doors were tightly sealed, with fully armed security guards standing outside. Men who wore white lab coats moved to and fro, across their respective stations. “For how long are we going to track mitochondrial Eve?” one of them asked. “Begin by searching the Garden of Eden!” another man replied. That answer led to loud laughter that lasted for minutes.

These men in white lab coats were hired scientists, from across diverse geographical locations around the world.  Free house allowance and five thousand dollars per day, were attractive enough to lure these great into an underground lab for months. The light from fluorescent tubes, took the place for sunlight; sunlight without warmth. One scientist from India had a collection of thousands of nature-themed photos, to remind him of the beautiful parts of the outside world above.

Scientific research that they were undertaking was exciting, but also made them miss their families, friends, and the natural fresh air. Dr. Hiro Nagawa, an astrophysicist and genetic engineer, was the sole proprietor of this underground research project, which was worth five billion US dollars. He was searching for mitochondrial Eve, who he believed was mankind to the original mother who lived 200,000 years ago.

Besides his intrigue with unlocking the source of mitochondrial Eve, he also wanted to fertilize “Eve’s” ovaries with sperms of an unknown extraterrestrial male alien, whose ship crashed in Alaska 12 years ago. No one, not even the most reputed intelligence service, knew that there was a body inside the spaceship. Dr. Hiro had sent some of his expedition team to salvage what technology had remained in the spaceship for study, only to find an alien’s body.

 He had a solid belief that he was on the right track in creating beings who were resistant to all kinds of disease, allergies, and who had psychic abilities. As far as the alien’s psychic abilities are concerned, his body levitated in the air when his brain was active. He was put in a glass tank, which was filled with liquid polymer.  After 12 years, the body still looked the same. Grayish skin, slender nose, and a hairless face were features that were still very visible.

“Our main purpose as human species is to return to our Creator Goddess…” was his motto. Deep inside the thoughts of most of his scientists, they believed that he was leading the world to a precipice of human extinction.

As far as irony is concerned, one of the scientists, an Australian by the name Dr. Thompson, knew a person who had Eve DNA flowing through her veins. His thirteen year-old daughter! He discovered that she was unique since she started walking. Her white blood cells were very fast in fighting any infection, and also had the ability to mutate, managing even to fight the cancerous cells! She was a modern medicine’s Holy Grail, that he wasn’t ready to expose to the world.

Dr. Hiro was very good at investigating his employees’ background and daily activities, making anyone to wonder how Dr. Thompson’s real life records somehow evaded his sight and instincts. The thirteen year-old Sally had once spent two nights at Dr. Hiro’s palatial residence, without his eyebrows raising even a second, questioning her biological makeup. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hiro were best friends back in campus. Different specializations in courses and locations of their residences made their tight ties to wane, only to be revived when Dr. Hiro’s craze for hunting mitochondrial Eve came to reality. Having great experience in astrobiology, Dr. Thompson was a jewel to behold in the field of science.

He had taught “Eve” how to write haiku, dress in Samurai armor, and even make sushi, creating a very strong bond with her. “During Summer, you can visit my home in Tokyo,” he always reminded her. This didn’t always go well with her father, as he was afraid that the truth would soon be found out, if she went so far away from him.

Since she had no slightest hint regarding her true nature, she always thought that her father was too protective of her.  Sometimes yelling at her was the only way to protect her from men empty of conscience, like in the case of Dr. Hiro, obsessed with a new age. Such episodes often left her in tears. He acted as the father and mother, since her mother’s death in a road accident, three years back.

One fateful evening, Dr. Thompson received a very disturbing message. Dr. Hiro’s tone was very bright with excitement, as he told his fellow researcher that he had discovered a form of X-Ray, which detected any woman or girl with the Eve DNA flowing through her veins. He had already prepared an expedition to Ethiopia in Africa, where the skeletons of “Lucy”, the female believed to be the original maternal mother of every race, were found back in 1974 by four archaeologists.  The location was chosen so that his expedition would excavate more skeletons and carbon date their ages to know the pattern of the transmission of “Eve’s” genes across generations. If they succeeded that step, it would be easy to track people like Sally.

These news sent shivers through Dr. Thompson’s spine, wondering how he would stop his daughter from becoming a guinea pig, in a God- forbidden experiment. If she was caught, Dr. Hiro would raise her like a Japanese princess, until when she was old enough to bear a child – an alien child! That night, he quickly put his packing bags and passport in place. As a traveler familiarized with Tibet’s serene and remote environment, the country was chosen for father and daughter to seek refuge. It was a very smart move, because the Chinese government was quite skeptical about scientists from the West, getting through their borders.

A new way of living had to be changed. Their friends and names also had to be changed….

© Copyright 2018 Teddy Kimathi. All rights reserved.

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