Professional Crastinator

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This is a story about Jimmy Jon Joe. I hope you learn a valuable lesson!

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



One boring, cloudy afternoon, Jimmy John Joe came home from school, his

backpack full of homework. When he got home, he decided to play on the

PlayStation 1 he found in the attic.

“Do your homework!” his obnoxious mother screeched.

“Mom, you’re so annoying! Can’t I do it in like five minutes? Five minutes

won’t kill anyone, will it? You are such big, fat dictator!!”

Five minutes later, Jimmy turned off the PS1.

“Thank goodness you’re done,” screeched his mother, “It’s about time you

started doing your homework!”

But little did she know, Jimmy was only switching to the PlayStation 4

instead, because he was getting bored of the old games. He decided to do his

homework when he was done with the PS4. It lasted about four hours, and then

he got distracted by Netflix. He searched for about half an hour, then decided to

watch The Hobbit, but only the first movie.

By the time he was finished watching both of The Hobbit movies, and The

Lord of the Rings series, it was midnight, so he decided to do his homework


When he started his homework in the morning, his mom walked up.

“You didn’t even start your project!?” exclaimed his mom, “When is it


“Today…” Jimmy replied silently.

“How long did you know about this project!?”

“Three months…”

In the end, Jimmy learned never to procrastinate ever again, and he was

always the first one to hand in homework and projects every time after that


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