I Wish

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When you get stuck in life's problems that are either your owns or not you start to wish, but the question is what are we wishing for. This is a poetry book about on the wishes in life the good but mostly the bad.

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



I looke around at the people that are surrounding me, and i'm different. I wish I could look like a superstar when I walk down the halls. 

I wish people wouldn't just stare at me, and say i'm different, and wierd. I wish I wasn't different. It feels like life is not with me. 

I wish I could dress like I want to, and not get critized for everything that's wrong with my clothes. I wish I wasn't seen as a nobody. 

I wish I could mean something. 

I wish I wasn't different. It gets sad when you get used to the whispers behind your back to the hateful stares that people give daily. 

I wish people could see past my clothes. Past my differences. I wish people would treat me fair. It really hurts me when I do something normal and different, and I get yelled at. But the other person gets a simple hi five. 

I wish society would see different as a bad thing. I wish I could start over, but how does that work out for me. 

I wish I could see what other people saw when they looked at me. I wish I could walk down the halls looking like a rock start. 

I wish I wasn't different......


Please give me feedback I know it's short but hey it's poems. 

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