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Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



11- You don’t know how difficult when…
You don’t have any idea how difficult it was to learn how to SCUBA dive. First, we had to read a huge textbook with four long, uninteresting chapters. The best part about the books were the mini tests you got to complete. At the end of each module, there was a big test to complete. Then, there were about sixteen hours of class work and class time. Followed by that, we had a lot more swimming and SCUBA diving in a pool, with two thirds water, and one third loogies and other gross things. We needed to stay in one place in the water without moving, and we needed to memorize a whole bunch of annoying hand signals. After that, we needed to go to the ocean, and go on four uncomfortably cold dives, with really bad visibility. We needed to take our masks off, in the salt water, and put them back on, take the air out, and open our eyes again, still in the salt water. Then, we had to log our dives. But worst of all was the frustrating, confusing, and test, with horrible illustrations of hand signals we had to identify, and multiple choice questions that were totally irrelevant. You needed to get like sixty percent to pass.

39- Some of the things I wish for lately more than anything are…
I desperately wish that I could have all 100%s in school, no matter how late my projects were, because lately I have been losing marks for being late with my projects. Also, I wish that I could have two weeks out of school, and everyone else in Canada also got two weeks of school, so that my cousins and I could go to The Sandhill all we want, and we could find a lot of supplies for The Sandhill. Also, I wish I could have a whole bunch of time to create short stories in a notebook, and I also wish that I could have an extra $100 to buy any book I want, and also every James Patterson book, and the whole Mazerunner trilogy. I also wish that the Magisterium and Spell Robber series were completed, and I could have the whole series in both of those, too. And another thing would be for our whole garage to be finished, with all of the secret passages, and secret storage spaces.

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